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Lawrence Trujillo (Retired) served as a United States Marine in Vietnam. His career extended 35 years in law enforcement and as a private investigator and security specialist with two national laboratories as a contractor with the United States Department of Energy. He investigated capital case violent crimes, many related to drug trafficking and homicide throughout the Southwest, to include numerous cases on Indian lands in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. As a member of defense teams he investigated cases involving “national security.”


riseofthedogsoldiers150Title: Rise of the Dog Soldiers
Publisher: TodayIsAGoodDayMedia LLC & Cuentos Press (2016)
Genre: Thriller

Larry Trujillo and Jason Bowles have written the novel Rise of the Dog Soldiers which contains a narcotics and terror plot set in New Mexico and the southwestern United States, with a unique twist, involving the nation’s first “special forces”: the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. The Dog Soldiers, once thought to be eradicated, are rumored to still exist to this day. They make a powerful and unforgettable appearance in this first novel in the series.

Middle Eastern terrorists hire a Mexican drug cartel to smuggle them into the United States across the border of Mexico. Once in the United States, the jihadists head north and hide in the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations in New Mexico and Arizona. They plan to pilot and crash several ultra-light planes equipped with fire bombs. FBI Special Agent Maria Spencer leads a team to find the terrorists and arrest or eliminate them. Spencer recruits Navajo Nation Criminal Investigator Joe Eagle to help her.

Rise of the Dog Soldiers has all the necessary elements to deprive you of a night’s sleep. Drugs, terrorists, intrigue, bio-terror plots—enough moving magic to spell-bind the insomniac as well as the terminally curious. Of particular interest is the historic description of the Dog Soldiers. They are renown among Native Americans and the military. The Dog Soldiers were the Special Forces of the Cheyenne people, warriors dedicated to stopping the advancing Westward expansion by the White man, and the invasion of their tribal lands. Formed in the early 1800s the Dog Soldiers became a separate warrior society, and later, after the cholera outbreak of the mid-1800s decimated nearly one-half the Southern Cheyenne, a separate, militaristic, band of fighters. Although ultimately defeated at the battle of Summit Springs, rumor has it the Dog Soldiers exist as a group today, and Rise of the Dog Soldiers is a compelling tale of their fictional accomplishments which surely accurately reflect their historic achievements. Rise of the Dog Soldiers is a fun read, made the more so by its faithful adherence to historic fact. Although a fictional work, it pays realistic tribute to the accomplishments of the very real Dog Soldiers. Get this one done. If you read nothing else this year, read Rise of the Dog Soldiers. Joe Eagle, Thunder Hawk, and I recommend it.” ~ Chuck Aspinwall, Former Judge, Northern Cheyenne Nation; Former Associate Counsel, Crow Indian Nation; Wells Creek Oregon, April 2016

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