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Melsa M. Manton


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller
Subgenres: Near Future, Space Opera, Parallel Universe, Urban Fantasy, Dystopia, Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic, Psychological Thriller, Immortality, Nanotechnology, Alternate History



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Email: melsammanton@gmail.com
Email: bluedeserthale@gmail.com
Evolved Publishing: EvolvedPub.com


Melsa M. Manton grew up roaming the mountains of Western North Carolina. An early education of AliensPredatorTerminator, and Stephen King led to a love of science fiction and she began writing as soon as her fine motor skills allowed. She studied International Affairs in Washington D.C. with the intention of diving into the political realm, but ended up diving into the ocean instead. An avid scuba diver, she spent seven summers sailing and teaching diving worldwide. For the next ten years, the wanderlust took her all over the world, from Russia to Tasmania, with many places in between, and eventually set her on a path of holistic medicine. She runs Blue Desert Hale, an educational health and wellness center, in the mountains of New Mexico. Her life path has morphed considerably over the years, but there is one thing she has done consistently through it all. To write is to live.

The first two books of her six-book series, Gemination, come out in the fall of 2022. Gemination is a near future sci-fi/espionage/psychological thriller.

Melsa’s personal motto: DREAM BIG OR DIE.


Big Brother is watching, but he’s quite the elusive doppelgänger, and he’s not the only one watching.

Leyla Stone serves the world as International 911, stopping injustices before the public is aware of them. The Sedition Underground is her home, but when she unwittingly takes part in an unauthorized assignment, her home becomes hostile territory.

The enigma of all enigmas, Devlin Vail, rescues her from what he calls Geminates, the product of a radical genome endeavor initiated by an international conglomerate, the Faction.

Stone is smack in the middle of a secret and relentless war between her former employer and new enemy. However, the enemy isn’t new—she simply has no memory of them. She remembers every waking moment of her life… but not of what happens in the moments between dreaming and waking.

The “Gemination” series combines the amnesiac espionage of The Bourne Identity with the psychological unraveling of The Three Faces of Eve, set on the genetically manipulated stage of Brave New World. Frontier nanotech and a hint of the supernatural interlace for some truly twisted tradecraft.

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