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Linda Wilson, a former elementary teacher and Institute of Children’s Literature graduate, has published over 150 articles for children and adults, six short stories for children, and three children’s books. She has two daughters, Kim and Tracy, who inspired her stories when they were younger. Linda is the facilitator for the New Mexico Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Third Saturday Critique group, and has written posts for the Writers on the Move blog since 2013. She is a classical pianist and loves to go to the gym. But what Linda loves most is to make up stories and connect with her readers.

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Currently, Book 2 in the Abi Wunder series, Secret in the Mist, is being illustrated and will be available soon. A work-in-progress is a story about ducks based on a true story, which encourages readers to feed ducks food that is good for them such as lettuce leaves and grains rather than bread. For terrific articles on writing and marketing, check out

Chapter Books

Title: Secret in the Stars: An Abi Wunder Mystery
Published: 2020
Genre: Chapter Book

Eleven-year-old Abi becomes stranded at an old country inn that’s rumored to be haunted. Is it true? Did the innkeeper’s ghost really appear to her and ask for her help? With only hours left, Abi and her new friend, Jess, must search for answers. In the process, Abi discovers strengths she didn’t know she possessed, including the ability to see her first ghost!

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Picture Books

Title: Cradle in the Wild: A Book for Nature Lovers Everywhere
Published: 2023
Genre: Picture Book

♦♦♦“What’s this?” Kaylee stooped to gather up a bunch of dried leaves and fluff lying on the front porch. About to toss it away, she stopped. “Wait, this isn’t trash.”
♦♦♦Madison ran her finger inside a perfectly formed cup. “It’s a bird’s nest.”
♦♦♦“What’s a bird’s nest doing down here?” Kaylee said. Then she saw why. “Look! Up there!”
♦♦♦A few strands of grass stuck out from the porch light.
♦♦♦“Those poor birds. They lost their home,” Madison said. “I wish we could help.”
♦♦♦“Maybe we can.”
♦♦♦“But how?”

Kaylee and Madison both know the rule when finding a baby bird or animal—even a nest. Leave it alone. The sisters want to help the birds build a new home. But how?

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Title: Waddles the Duck: Hey, Wait for Me!
Published: 2022
Genre: Picture Book

Waddles the duck peeked out of his shell. His brothers and sisters were already following Mama Duck across the grass to the neighbor’s pool. Waddles hurried to catch up. Hey, wait for me! Poor Waddles. Last to reach the water . . . last to find food . . . last to stay out of danger. This duckling must catch up. But how?

Has your child ever felt left behind by older siblings or friends at school? Waddles is an entertaining story that will give children the courage to keep trying and never give up. At last, they will succeed, just like Waddles. At the end of the story, readers are encouraged to learn about mallard ducks and to feed waterfowl—and all wild animals—a natural diet. Waddles’ story is inspired by a mama mallard duck and her nine ducklings who came to live in the Wilson’s family pool in Centerville, Ohio.

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Title: A Packrat’s Holiday: Thistletoe’s Gift
Published: 2021
Genre: Picture Book

On this cold winter’s holiday eve, Thistletoe Q. Packrat sat in the parlor, his chin in his paws. The cupboards were bare. Poor Mama. There would be no holiday feast this year. His only chance were the cowboys coming through on a cattle drive and staying the night. Finding scraps of food and bringing them home would be tricky. Thistletoe had no idea how he could do it. He would just have to try.

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Title: Tall Boots
Published: 2021
Genre: Picture Book

Ashley wants to win a blue ribbon at the 4-H Horse Show—but there’s one problem. She has to wear her old red rubber riding boots. Her mother is willing to invest in knee-high riding boots, but Ashley needs to prove to her that she’s committed to riding. When she walks her Welsh Mountain Pony, Lacy, into the ring, something is wrong. None of the riders look familiar. She shouts, “There’s been a mistake!” but her plea blows away in the wind. How can Ashley earn a pair of tall boots now?

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