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Mary Lou Dobbs served as the dynamic president and proprietor of Executive Benefit Strategies for thirteen years, a role that merely was a “cover” for her true passion—guiding business owners through their sincere doubts across various walks of their business careers. Her narrative kicks off with an adventurous spirit, always eager to try something new and relishing the anticipation of fun, and the excitement of learning. A perennial high achiever, she has consistently claimed the title of “Number One” in her chosen field of corporate insurance sales.

Notably, at Lincoln National Life, Dobbs etched her name in history as the sole woman to win a national sales contest in the company’s 75-year existence during her impressive twelve-year tenure, her crowning moment was being asked to be their key-note speaker.

Dobbs’ defining moment ignited her inner badass when she accidentally read a text sent to her contractor by a colleague, minimizing her core value: “She’s an Old White Woman.” Unfazed, Dobbs channeled her hurt feelings into action, deciding to embark on a thousand-mile motorcycle adventure with her son in northern Colorado. The following morning, she woke to the empowering notes of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” then started to write. Her inspired battle cry: Aging is a Frickin’ Privilege! Her call to women is a beacon for navigating the aging process. To reaffirm their core identity, and make an unapologetic journey of rediscovery and purpose.


Title: Badass Old White Woman: How to Flip the Script on Aging
Publisher: Self-Published / 2024
Genre: Personal Transformation/Self-Help

Badass Old White Woman: How to Flip the Script on Aging by Mary Lou Dobbs is a book for women who are tired of society’s underwhelming negative stereotypes threatening the value of their inner wisdom. Dobbs, who excelled in corporate sales, is now a LifeStyle Coach and speaker. Her book explores the emotional reasons badass women excel and thrive as they age.

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