Seeing the World in 20/20

Seeing the World in 20/20: A SouthWest Writers Anthology of Award-Winning Stories is now available!

The year 2020 fits Confucius’ curse of “May you live in interesting times.” As the premier writers association in the southwestern part of the country, SouthWest Writers is all about writers helping writers succeed. The annual writing contest is open to anyone. It provides challenges for poets and authors and gives them an opportunity to fly. There were over 230 entries in the 2020 competition, and each entry was reviewed by at least two judges whose published works have received acclaim.

Seeing the World in 20/20 contains award-winning entries from each contest category: Biography/Memoir, Humor, Social Consciousness, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery, Animals, Philosophy, Historical Fiction, and more. With everyone encouraged to stay home in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the pandemic itself became a character in several stories and poems.

For Sale

E-book and paperback editions of the anthology are available on Amazon. Revenue from the sale of Seeing the World in 20/20 will be used to pay for organizational programs such as high quality speakers and presenters at the meetings, classes, and workshops.

Table of Contents

Hey, Coach ♦ Joe Brown
Rental ♦ John Cornish
The Girl in Patan Durbar Square ♦ Melinda Smith
To See Where You’re Going, Look To Where You’ve Been ♦ Sylvia Ramos Cruz
Wheelchair Liberty ♦ Robert Stuart
Splits ♦ John Cornish
We’re Not Talking Sesame Street Here ♦ Donald De Noon
The Cat and I ♦ Jesse Ehrenberg
Marked Down Dog ♦ Patricia Walkow
Cows ♦ Dodici Azpadu
The Visitor ♦ Paula Nixon
Meeker Has Rights ♦ John Cornish
The Dales of Zin ♦ Bob Montgomery
Depth ♦ Kimberly Rose
Sidelights on the WACs during World War II ♦ Léonie Rosenstiel
We Were ♦ Nathan McKenzie
Dreaming of Yew ♦ Gregory Walke
In the Time of the Great Pandemic ♦ Jesse Ehrenberg
Is 1960 Epic Exodus Lost in Time? ♦ Jonathan Chisdes
Children in the Cave ♦ Princess Miller
Stranger in Town ♦ Linda Triegel
Payback ♦ David Knop
Deadly Envy ♦ Sherene Gross
Zsofi ♦ Mary Candace Mize
The War Within ♦ Barb Simmons
One Good Trick ♦ George McFall
The Urn ♦ Mary Therese Ellingwood
Eye of the Hurricane ♦ Joanne Bodin
Descansos ♦ George McFall
Once Upon A Time When We Could ♦ Mary Dorsey
An Extraordinary Incident ♦ Lynn Andrepont
Evolution ♦ Sara Jean Gray
The Visitor ♦ Nathan McKenzie
Nuestra Senora de Dolores ♦ RJ Mirabal
Hills and Valleys ♦ Dana Starr
A General’s Dilemma ♦ Lynn Doxon
Night of the Bells ♦ Linda Triegel
Once Upon A Time In The Garden of Eden ♦ Robert Speake
CAN NOT ♦ Charles Powell
The Lamb Cake ♦ Rose Marie Kern
How Cold Is It? ♦ Charles Powell
A Southwestern Spectral Spectacle ♦ Bonnie Hayes
Jeremy’s Journey ♦ Francis Rose
The Sun Rises ♦ Carl Hitchens
Teaching and Learning Online in a COVID-19 World ♦ Lisa Durkin
Bad Wants Company, So Does Good ♦ Charles Powell
Goodnight Moon ♦ Desiree Woodland
Welspryng ♦ Frank Stephens

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