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SouthWest Sage, the monthly newsletter of SouthWest Writers, is published to encourage writers of all genres and experience to learn more about the craft and business of writing. Featuring upcoming SWW programs, events, workshops, and contests, the Sage includes opportunities for writers and articles that range from finding an agent to print-on-demand, fashioning poetry to creating websites and blogs—all liberally spiced with tips and techniques. The Sage is posted online prior to the end of each month.

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July Sage 2020

Newsletter Contents
13…President’s Corner
13…Digital Marketing Minute
13…by Elizabeth Layton
14…Look Who Just Joined SWW!
15…Classes to Enroll in NOW
16…Filtering Words
16…Revising Fiction by Kirt Hickman
18…The Sage Writing Challenge
18…Posture Is Everything
18…18by Sam Moorman
19…The Sage Memoir Challenge Continues
19…19by Joyce Trainor
19…Paris When it Trickled (p. 10)
19…19by Jasmine Tritten
11…The First Ever SWW Reading List!
11…Compiled from panelists and June 16 ZOOM meeting participants.
12…Writing IS a Business Conference
12…Speaker Bios and Information
14…SWW Annual Writing Contest and NFPW Contest Updates
15…Writing Contests You Can Enter Now
16…Which/What Word? Help For Misused Words
16…by Kathy Louise Schuit

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