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Mystery, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Thriller, Paranormal Thriller, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Hard-boiled Detective, Alternative History, Action Adventure


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I’m an award-winning author, artist, historian, amateur cat whisperer, and parapsychologist wannabe living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my cat and far too many books. Can one have too many books? I’m researching that.

In the meantime, I’ve written for several specialized publications, anthologies, and was even an accidental sports reporter for Reuters News. Picture it: high heels, skirt, chasing Barry Bonds down an inside corridor at PacBell Park to get a quote — with 200 of my closest, journalist friends — yeah, it’s a story waiting to be written.

Now my storytelling has dramatically shifted from Sci-Fi to include and embrace the Paranormal — my lifelong obsession. I’ve published in the steampunk, dieselpunk, alternate-historical, and now paranormal subgenres of mystery and thrillers. I love them all. Dress me up and take me out dancing — darn near any era will do.

Want to talk ghosts, Raymond Chandler slang, steam locomotives, and Elizabethan insults? I’m your girl.


Title: A Place of Fog & Murder (Second Edition)
Published: Indies United Publishing House / 2023
Genre: Dieselpunk

All that lady P.I. Lou Tanner needs is a case to cement her reputation. But the gorgeous client offering her a new case has brought her more than his tales of woe. Ruthless gangsters, suspicious cops, and a desperate blackmailer manage to gum up the works at every turn. Gun in hand and wits at the ready, Lou is in the fight for her life.

Noir meets Dieselpunk in this twisting tale of a SciFi 1935 San Francisco: From the corrupt power of its fashionable ultra-rich to the merciless reach of its dirty underworld. Deadly secrets hide behind the thin veneer of propriety and a thick wall of fog.

From the charmingly deranged mind of author T.E. MacArthur, creator of the Volcano Lady and Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner, and the paranormal thriller, The Skin Thief.

Available for Sale


Title: The Skin Thief
Published: Indies United Publishing House / 2023
Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Agent Tessa Lancing believed she knew all about death – until she met Death itself.

Tessa has one last chance to prove herself to her employer, a disavowed secretive agency, or face literal termination. When assigned to a doomed mission already littered with lost lives, she drags Jack, an accused traitor, her old partner and unrequited love, back into the field. By teaming up with Jack, she expects to make quick work of the situation.

She’s wrong.

In addition to a mission gone sideways, they face potential assassins, a modern-day corrupt sheriff, and an ancient unspeakable terror. They’re up against something more powerful and more sadistic than they could have guessed. With ghosts and Death itself after them, can they survive their last mission together?

If you like ancient secrets, terrifying ghosts, and nail-biting action, then you’ll love T.E. MacArthur’s gripping novel of thrills, betrayal, and hopeless desires.

Available for Sale


Title: The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner (series)
Published: TreasureLine Books and Publishing / 2013-2015
Genre: Steampunk

Lucky sailor Tom Turner is finally running out of luck. All he wants is to get home to New England, but sinister forces are against him. From deadly ghosts and pirates in the Kingdom of Hawaii, to kidnappers and insane inventors in old San Francisco, to a terrifying villainess in the Wild West, Tom is fighting to survive.

In a jolly romp through a steam-driven, alternate old west history, MacArthur takes you back to the glory days of Victorian melodrama with a conflicted hero you can’t help but fall in love with.

Three novellas make up the classic-styled serial Gaslight Adventures.

“A wild ride with the Victorian Jason Bourne… This modern “penny dreadful” was a fast, exciting read, full of all the thrills and chills you would expect from the genre.” ~ Amazon Review

Available for Sale

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