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I’m retired after thirty years in the classroom, mostly teaching sixth graders — I know, how lucky was I? They are the BEST! I grew up in Minnesota and moved to New Mexico in 1974. I write, I travel, I dabble in paints and pastels, I read. I have grandchildren who occupy much of my time. I’ve published three novels. Two are historical fiction. The last one is fantasy. What a difference, right? But I have enjoyed writing both genres. My passion is writing, and my novels are peopled with characters who move through the pages of my stories and make them come alive. They often surprise me with their antics. Currently, I am working on the second novel of my fantasy series.


Title: The Ranger: Magicians of the Beyond, Book Two
Published: September 2023
Genre: Fantasy

Twilight. The space stitched into the seam of light and darkness where lines are blurred between the real world and the shadow world. In this space there are things seen and unseen that are the stuff of dreams. And nightmares.

Rafe is a ranger, skilled in the ways of the forest and the creatures that live there. He’s been sent to another world along with Covert assassins. Their mission is to find the young heir to the kingdom who’s fled from the sister who once loved him. Rafe knows he will find the prince. He always finds what is hiding. But this foreign forest and its creatures don’t play by the rules. As he inches closer to finding what he’s been searching for, he uncovers unexpected magical beings and a monster. This monster is an ancient creature that doesn’t behave like normal blood-thirsty beasts. This monster has been waiting for him for centuries. It wants his heart, yes, and it wants his soul. Rafe comes face to face with his worst fears and his own demons. And in the end, he must choose between the destruction of all that he knows and the freedom of all he can’t have.

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Title: The Acolyte: Magicians of the Beyond
Published: March 2021
Genre: Fantasy

Are monsters real? Danica grew up thinking she might be a monster. Her dangerous gifts were not appreciated by family and would-be friends, and before she knew to hide them away, she was shunned and branded as “strange” and “weird” until one day shortly before her seventeenth birthday when Phil showed up and summoned her to the Beyond. Her new home is anything but normal. Here, everyone is different, and Danica fits right in. She wants to do more than fit in, however. She wants to belong. But there’s no time for any of that. She has a mission to accomplish, and an evil wizard to eliminate, and time is clamoring for attention.

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Title: When the Mockingbird Won’t Sing
Published: June 2019
Genre: Historical Fiction

It’s 1855 in Oregon City. Twelve year-old Biddy has survived an intolerable life of indenture by remembering two things: adults can’t be trusted, and it’s best to be invisible. Due to an early trauma, she’s mute with no memory of her past. The man who holds her contract for indenture has evil plans for her, and he will stop at nothing to ensure his schemes come to fruition. Things look hopeless for Biddy until she meets two school teachers, Brenna and Emily. From that moment on, these three lives become intricately entwined. Biddy’s new champions take desperate measures to ensure her safety. Life and death choices are made, accelerating into an unanticipated conclusion. As is often the case in life, what was wished for is granted in a most unexpected way. Victoria Murata has again embraced history to tell an enduring story of love and loss in our country’s not too distant past.

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Title: Journey of Hope
Published: August 2012
Genre: Historical Fiction

When the invitation comes for a new life and urgency calls for better opportunities, how does one answer? History is peopled with those who have left the comfort of the known world to embark on journeys where their footprints have left permanent markers on the future. Against impossible odds they have followed their dreams, trusting in the unseen providence that is birthing a new land from the womb of the old world, and in their journeying they come to realize that everything that exists has needed their participation. In Journey of Hope, three young women leave Independence, Missouri in the spring of 1852 on a wagon train bound for the Oregon territory. Six months and two thousand miles later they reach their destination much changed from who they were when they started.Their hopes and fears are realized in unforgettable experiences of love and loss. Through it all they form a bond that will last a lifetime and encompass the vast and untamed regions of the heart.

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