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Carrie Classon is a nationally syndicated columnist with a published memoir who is currently writing fiction.

She began her professional career as an actor, working in professional theaters on both coasts. She founded a theater under an Actors Equity contract and produced critically acclaimed programming for seven years. She then entered an MBA program and took a position with the U.S. Commercial Service. She was hired by a private company to manage U.S. Trade Development Agency feasibility studies for international infrastructure projects.

In 2012, Carrie realized she was enjoying writing a weekly column for her local newspaper more than her business career, so she entered the MFA writing program at the University of New Mexico. She acquired representation for her memoir, Blue Yarn, which sold to a small press in 2018. Also in 2018, Carrie restarted her weekly column, The Postscript, and decided to market it to other papers. In the first year, it was picked up by 100 newspapers. In the next six months, it was picked up by another 100. In 2020, it was chosen for syndication by Andrews McMeel Universal. Carrie has written more than 400 columns and performed her work in Santa Fe, on Norwegian Cruise Line, and other venues.

She and her husband, Peter, recently moved from Los Alamos, New Mexico to St. Paul, Minnesota, where she is working on her first work of fiction, Lake Maribelle.

“If The Postscript were a cake, Carrie’s obvious passion for life would be the frosting.”
—Cleveland Daily Banner

Non Fiction Book

Title: Blue Yarn
Publisher: Black Rose Writing 2018
Genre: Memoir

In the space of a few days, Carrie Classon loses her marriage, her career, and her home—all while working in Lagos, Nigeria. She is blindsided by the losses and realizes the story she painstakingly knit together over the past two decades—the story explaining her life and who she is—has unraveled.

With no plan for the future and only her deaf cat, Lucy, for company, Carrie decides to remain in Africa until she figures out what has just happened.

What happens next is an awkward, amusing, and ultimately inspiring journey as Carrie slowly lets go of who she thought she was and starts from scratch at middle-age: making unlikely friends, acquiring dump trucks, tumbling into an improbable love affair, and eventually learning to listen to the elusive and sometimes annoying voice helping her discover who she is, find the neglected artist inside, and piece together her unexpected new life

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Articles and Essays taken from her syndicated column “The Postscript”  are available through the link below.

The Postscript


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