Schedule of Events

Below is the Schedule of Events for 2022 (as of April 28). For specifics regarding our events, visit the Meetings page, the Classes page, and the Workshops page.

For a pdf version click here. For a Word document click here.

Meeting Times, locations and zoom links are at the bottom of this page.

Join us for our monthly programs.

New Meeting Schedule
Our Regular Meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month – 10:00 am to noon and the fourth Wednesday – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (no Wednesday meeting in December).  Workshops are held after our Saturday meetings from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

Upcoming Events in 2022

September 10 -Saturday
Meeting:    Anne Hillerman – Novel Writing Lessons
Workshop: Lunch with Anne Hillerman In Person

September 28 – Wednesday
Marika Flatt – PR by the Book

October 8 – Saturday
Meeting:    Annual Meeting & Contest Awards
Workshop: Brenda Cole – How to Speak in Public

October 26 – Wednesday
Dan Klefstad – DIY Marketing

November 12 – Saturday
Meeting:    Robin Perini – Taking It to the Next Level
Workshop: Lisa Taylor – Wildness in Your Writing

November 23 – Wednesday
Judith Avilia – Writing Your Memoir

December 10 – Saturday
Meeting:    From Writer to Author
Workshop: Cornelia Gamlem & Rose Marie Kern – Information about Writing Careers
Happy Holidays. No Wednesday Meeting

Upcoming Classes

October:      Rose Marie Kern – Self-Publish with KDP Amazon
November:  RJ Mirabal – Print Ready PDFs

Preview of 2023 MEETINGS

January 14 – Saturday:         Jamii Corley – Website Building
January 23 – Wednesday:    Jim Jones – Blending Writing Novels & Songs

February 11 – Saturday:        Joe Badal – Two of the Most Important Writing Rules
February 22 – Wednesday:  Ernie Witham – Writing for Comedy

March 11 – Saturday:             Geoff Habiger – Newsletters for Authors
March 22 – Wednesday:        Bobbi Bell – Radio How Writers Can Use It


New In-Person Location
Our new location is at UNM Continuing Education (UNM-CE). Our Saturday meetings will still include a Zoom component, and our Wednesday night meetings will be strictly online. Go to SWW Meeting Location for more information about UNM-CE.

Visitor/Guest Policy
With the new year comes a return to SWW’s previous policy concerning meeting attendance. We encourage visitors andFirey Orange Audience guests to experience what our award-winning writers’ association has to offer. Since membership dues pay for our outstanding speakers, we request non-members limit their attendance to three meetings, after which we hope they will join SouthWest Writers. Visitors are welcome beyond their first three visits at a cost of $10 per meeting.

See a schedule of all our events, and visit our YouTube Videos page for a listing of the recorded speakers from 2016 to the present.










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