Fiery Orange Hands IconSouthWest Writers offers classes and workshops to advance the skills and marketability of writers. Experienced instructors guide participants through lecture, example and, often, critique to increase the quality of their writing.

What is the difference between a class and a workshop? A class can be more than one session and usually includes assignments to be completed outside of class. Our workshops are 2-hour sessions that occur after our monthly first-Saturday meetings. Any work required of the students is done during the workshop session.

Classes are held at the SWW Office. Click here for directions.

Class Instructor: Rose Marie Kern

Self-Publish Your Book with KDP Amazon

The class is full — Registration Closed

  • 2-week Course
  • Saturdays: October 12 and 19
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm
  • SWW Office: 3200 Carlisle Blvd NE, Suite #114
  • $45 for SWW members, $50 Osher, $55 Nonmembers

KDP Amazon is a popular and inexpensive method by which authors can self-publish their books. This is a hands on class where Rose will walk you through setting up your Amazon account, and upload your print book and/or ebook if they are ready to go, or get you started if you are still working on them. With over a thousand articles and four books published, Rose Marie Kern thinks of herself primarily as a teacher. In addition to her own work, she has helped several SWW members through the intricacies of self-publishing. Bring your laptop and let’s get published! Register in advance so Rose can send you information you will need for the class ahead of time.

Class will cover:
√ Setting up your Amazon Account
√ Using Kindle tools for formatting and cover creation
√ Uploading a manuscript
√ Determining how much you should charge
√ Keywords and categories for advertising on Amazon

Instructor’s Bio:
Retired air traffic control specialist Rose Marie Kern is an award-winning author, a popular event/conference speaker, and an active member of SouthWest Writers — currently serving as the president of SWW. In addition to penning four nonfiction books, she has left her byline on hundreds of articles covering topics ranging from solar energy and organic gardening to those focused on aviation. Her newest release is Stress is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller (2018).

Class Instructor: Melody Groves

Writing for Magazines:
Bagging Your First Magazine Assignment

  • 2-week Course
  • Saturdays: November 9 and 16
  • 9:00 am – Noon
  • SWW Office: 3200 Carlisle Blvd NE, Suite #114
  • $79 for SWW members, $84 Osher, $89 Nonmembers

Thanks to the invention of the Internet, the opportunity to write for magazines is almost endless. With over 9,000 magazines published yearly, in addition to those online, the world is your oyster. But, there are tricks to bagging an assignment. So if you’ve got a good idea but don’t know where to go or how to start, look no more. This class is for you.

In six hours we’ll cover:

√ finding your story,
√ finding the market,
√ tweaking the same idea for different magazines,
√ writing a query that sells,
√ photo requirements,
√ approaching an editor.

And that’s just for starters.

Register: at any SWW meeting, by calling the SWW office (505-830-6034, Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am – noon), or by using the online registration form here.

Instructor’s Bio:
Melody Groves is the author of six historical fiction novels and three nonfiction books. Her dozens of magazine articles appear in Wild West, True West, New Mexico Magazine, Enchantment Magazine and many more. Past-president of SouthWest Writers, she’s also a member of Western Writers of America. And when not writing, she plays rhythm guitar (and tambourine) in the Jammy Time Band.

Workshop and Class Refund Policy
To ensure that SouthWest Writers can cover the cost of space rental and instructor fees, we have implemented a workshop and class refund policy. If you cancel one week before the beginning date of the workshop or class, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations after one week prior up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of the workshop or class will receive a credit only toward a future workshop or class of your choice. If you do not cancel or don’t show up for the workshop or class you will receive no refund and no credit. For multi-session classes, if you miss a class, you receive no refund. We pay our instructors based on how many students enroll, so you are part of that roll count if you don’t cancel as detailed above.

If you have any questions or want to let us know what classes or workshops you’d like to have offered, please e-mail the workshop coordinator at

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