New Zoom Meeting Procedure

In order to provide a more secure environment for our meetings, there will be a different Zoom link for every meeting. Those persons receiving our weekly Elerts will have the link available. (Members can also log in to the Members Only portion of the website for access to the Zoom links.)

The SWW zoom meeting links will not be posted to the website for non-member access. Non-members can (1) subscribe to our weekly Elerts to receive a link, or (2) request a link by contacting our office by phone (505-830-6034) or email ( The office manager will verify if you are a member. Non-members may attend, but they will be required to give the office manager some information.


  • Please verify that your name or phone number is visible when you sign into the meeting. Unidentified individuals will not be allowed to attend.
  • While attending Zoom meetings, be aware that all other attendees can see and hear you at all times while you are signed in to the meeting. Persons causing disruptions, including but not limited to barking dogs, ringing phones, inappropriate camera position, eating with video on, etc., may be silenced or removed from the meeting.

Thank you for complying with these rules. We really want to have you all there, but we need to keep out disruptors.

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