Rainbow Challenge Match


We are up to 49%!!!


Evelyn Neil, author of Dancing to the End of Our Rainbow will match the total of donations given to SWW between now and Christmas up to $3,000!

Message from Evelyn:

In March of 2022 on the seventh anniversary of my husband, Don’s, death my memoir DANCING TO THE END OF OUR RAINBOW was published. Without the support and encouragement of so many members of the SouthWest Writer community this would never have been possible

Having been given great opportunity to achieve comes the responsibility to give back. That said, I urge you all to get on board with my DANCING TO THE END OF OUR RAINBOW challenge and make sure I am forced to put my money where my mouth is.

Make me donate that full $3,000 to SouthWest Writers before the end of this year!

To participate in the Rainbow Challenge click Here.   See list of donors and comments below.

Rainbow Challenge Donors

Robin Perini                 Charles Powell              Ruth Heidi Marshall

Mary Therese Ellingswood      Cornelia Gamlen       Mike Hayes           Kathy Kitts

     Ed Lehner      Jacqueline Murray Loring             Joseph Newcomer

        Alan E. Diehl                     Edwin Light

Lynne Sebastian               Rose Marie Kern            Ted Karpf

   Sherri Burr                        Trish Cahill


Updated 11/15/22


Below are comments from the Rainbow Donors:

Rose Kern:  SouthWest Writers inspired me to integrate the skills and knowledge I’d acquired with creativity stimulated by their educational programs, resulting in numerous published stories, articles, and books.  The people I meet here continually encourage me to expand my vision. 


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