Rainbow Challenge Match-2022

Final Amount Raised  $3,870

plus Evelyn Neil’s Challenge Amount  $3,000

Total income from Rainbow Challenge    $6,870 !!!

Thank You to These
◊   Rainbow Challenge Donors   ◊

  • Joseph Badal         Robin Perini         Charles Powell
  • E. Joe Brown         Kathy Kitts         Roger Floyd         Mike Hays
  • Ruth Heidi Marshall         Edwin Light         Cornelia Gamlen
  • Lynne Sebastian         Jacqueline Murray Loring         Leonie Rosenstiel
  • Kathy Wagoner         Sandi Hoover         William Fisher
  • Elaine Montague         Michelle Auron         Mary Therese Ellingswood
  • Dan Wetmore         Joseph Newcomer         Kat Richter-Sand         Ted Karpf
  • Janise Baldo         Alan E. Diehl         Joe Cappello
  • Cathy Wright         Victoria Murata         Ed Lehner         Randall Burkhart
  • Kathy Schuit         Arlene Schulze         Sherri Burr         Patricia Gable
  • Matt Padberg         Steve Novaria         Su-Ellen Lierz         Maralie Waterman
  • Laura Lynch         Julie Brozek         Dale Garrett         Elizabeth Mirra
  • Brenda Cole         John Hoover         Trish Cahill         Dollie Williams
  • Lynne Sturtevant         Lynn Doxon         Rose Marie Kern         Deborah White
  • R Marshall         Cathy Wright           Patricia Walkow


Updated 1/12/23


Below are comments from Rainbow Donors:

Kathy Kitts: I have loved this organization since my first meeting over a decade ago. With all the connections I have made, and the things I have learned from the teachers and speakers, I am back out of retirement, teaching creative writing myself, and pursuing an MFA. In addition, I have over two dozen short stories published. None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for SWW.

Lynne Sebastian: Writing is, by its very nature, a solitary and often difficult pursuit.  And without the input, encouragement, honest critique, nagging, cheerleading, and commiseration of one’s fellow writers, it is can be even more difficult.  Southwest Writers provides a community of practice and a source of support, instruction, and inspiration for all of us.  Let’s get together and repay that support!  (And also make sure Evelyn has to cough up the full amount 😊)

Cornelia Gamlem:   When I attended my first SouthWest Writers meeting, I was impressed by the energy in the room. As I learned more about the organization, I was delighted to have found a vibrant and welcoming writing community with excellent educational programs. The members offer so much encouragement to their fellow writers.  

Rose Marie Kern:  SouthWest Writers inspired me to integrate the skills and knowledge I’d acquired with creativity stimulated by their educational programs, resulting in numerous published stories, articles, and books.  The people I meet here continually encourage me to expand my vision. 


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