Board of Directors

All current SWW members are welcome to observe our monthly board meetings held at Chez Axel Restaurant in Albuquerque at 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. For directions, call the SWW Office at 505-830-6034.

Members of the board can be contacted via the SouthWest Writers office email at

2019 Executive Committee
(Read Their Bios HERE)

President:  Rose Marie Kern
Vice President:  Melody Groves
Treasurer:  Kent Langsteiner
Secretary:  Patricia Walkow

Board Members

Sarah Baker: Media & PR
Jennifer Black: Finance
Melody Groves: Classes and Workshops
Dino de Leyba: Membership
Sam Moorman: Facilities Manager
Kathy Schuit: Sage Editor & Elerts
Paul Shank: Meeting Media and Video
Franchesca Stevens: Volunteer Coordinator
Jim Tritten: Conferences
Kathy Wagoner: Website
Dan Wetmore: Historian/Awards/Scholarships

ReVaH Loring: Office Manager

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