Critique Group Program

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Critique Group Program

This information is offered to any writer interested in a critique group. A number of SWW members with writing and critique group experience are available to assist in helping you start a successful critique group.

Email the critique group coordinator at if you have any questions.

Highlights of the Program

  • All SWW members are eligible to participate.
  • The program supports all types and genres of writing.
  • Critique groups can be face-to-face or virtual, or even hybrid if you want.
  • Basic information offered in links on this page are for members and non-members alike, but the assisted program in forming a critique group must have at least one SWW member (so, yes, non-members can be in the group.)
  • Additional information, sample forms, and assistance in starting the group are offered as part of your SWW member benefit. Documents include “how-to” start and operate a critique group, a sample questionnaire for gathering initial interests, and a sample agreement that addresses a host of issues that traditionally come up when forming a critique group.
    (Note: The sample agreement is NOT a list of the rules you must follow, but serves as a sample so that you can decide what rules you do want and what rules you don’t want.)
  • All critique groups are independent of SWW. We do not administer these groups.
  • Guidance for critique groups by SWW is only offered when requested and is only a suggestion. It is your group. It will operate under your own rules, protocols, and procedures.
  • Coaching is available to set up the group and the rules, and then after as requested. The initial coaching set up session is virtual and run by the Critique Group Coordinator.

Other Information

You may download the PDF entitled Critique Group Considerations (written by our former Critique Group Coordinator, Robert Speake) to help you decide if a critique group is for you.

What’s Next?

  • Email the SWW Critique Group Coordinator for more information at
  • If you are interested in starting/joining a critique group, join SWW by clicking on the website Membership tab.
  • Once you’re an SWW member, request a password by emailing, then log in on this page. You’ll then have access to all the Members Only resources.

SWW Members, go to the Members Only: Critique Groups.

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