SWW-sponsored writing conferences are held once or twice a year. Each one brings well-known experts in a specific topic or genre as well as critical information relevant to all fields of writing.

In the August 2015 Sage newsletter, past SWW president Rob Spiegel discussed “The Power of a Conference to Teach Success.” He said, “I’ve attended dozens of conferences around the country, and I learned from every one.” Conferences inspired him to work harder and gave him direction to make his work more effective. He “listened hard to the professionals from out of town as well as the local professionals…soaked it all in, gaining some under-standing of the vocabulary of the genre, learning the industry ins and outs, and discovering what constitutes strong writing in the genre.” Ultimately, conferences “guided [him] to a path of developing and delivering a writing project that engaged the attention of a major editor.”

This is what SWW strives for in every conference we sponsor—to help writers increase the skills and knowledge they need to produce (and publish) their best writing.

For 2019, a joint conference between SWW and Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) was held in September. The conference—Moving up the Ladder: From Writer to Author—was a great success with hundreds of attendees and finished with an Awards Banquet honoring the winners of the 2019 Prose and Poetry Contest (sponsored by SWW) and the winners of MWSA’s annual book contest.

Past SWW Conferences Also Include:

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers Conference—June 2018
The Secrets to Getting Published Conference—October 2018

Memoir Conference—June 2017
The Roadmap to Getting Published—October 2017

Novel Conference—May 2016
The Self-Publishing Conference—October 2016

Memoir Conference—September 2015

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