2019 Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Prose & Poetry Contest

Here are the winners listed by category and place standing. Winners are also listed in the October 2019 issue of SouthWest Sage, and most winning entries are included in SouthWest Writers 2019 Winners Anthology.


1st Place: Evelyn Neil, “Midnight Express”


1st Place: Lawrence Kilham, “As I Remember Him”

Historical Fiction

1st Place: Charlene Dietz, “Red Winter 1945”

2nd Place: Nathan McKenzie, “The Artist at the End”

3rd Place: Alan Bern, “The Return of the Very Fierce Wolf of Gubbio to Assisi, 1943 CE (and now, 2013 CE)”


1st Place: Stan Rhine, “Race to Promontory”

2nd Place: Lee Brown, “Neal Cochran, His SPPs, and the U.S.’s Nerve-Agent Deterrent”

3rd Place: Judy Nickell, “Airmail to Socorro”


1st Place: Vicky Ramakka, “Unintended Consequences”

2nd Place: Suzanne Byrne, “Vindicated”

3rd Place: Robert Edwards, “Straight Flush”


1st Place: Evelyn Neil, “Not So Funny”

2nd Place: Dana Starr, “Looka Here, Chad”

3rd Place: Leeanna Torres, “Comida”


1st Place: Linda Yen, “Me, by Myself, Alone”

2nd Place: Ramesh Gopal, “Death in the Valley”

3rd Place: Sherene Gross, “Precious Cargo”


1st Place: James Tritten, “But What if the Buddhists Got it Wrong?”


1st Place: Frank Stephens, “The Leaf”

2nd Place: Frank Stephens, “Poems”

3rd Place: Marilyn Hill, “A Sign of My Times”


1st Place: Sherene Gross, “Go Time”

2nd Place: Tammie Lamphere, “Spinach Lasagna”

3rd Place: Amara Cudney, “Roberta and her Luchador”

3rd Place: George McFall, “The Fishing Guide”

Science Fiction/Fantasy

1st Place: Mary Therese Ellingwood, “Contingency Plan”

2nd Place: Kimberly Rose, “Wish Upon a Star”

3rd Place: KL Wagoner, “Dreamkeeper”


1st Place: Brenda Cole, “Permission”

2nd Place: Elaine Montague, “Stepping Up to Rehab”


1st Place: Chris Allen, “Obsession”

2nd Place: Patricia Walkow, “Woven”

3rd Place: Sharon Rollins, “The Sewing Box”


1st Place: Dana Starr, “A Broad Abroad”

2nd Place: Stan Rhine, “A Christmas Eve on the Road”

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