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My literary career began as a unit publicist, writing press releases for 20th Century-Fox. I worked on other films for United Artists, and MGM in a variety of capacities, but never appeared on screen, to the delight of audiences everywhere. After this early fling in the motion picture industry and a long career in academia, I retired early and moved to New Mexico in 2010. With my desire to play major league baseball no longer a reasonable dream, I turned to my other lifelong ambition and became a full-time writer. My first novel Red Gold debuted on April 21, 2015 from Suspense Publishing, and the sequel Get Lost was published March 8, 2016. The third in the series Cut.Print.Kill was released in 2017, followed by book 4, Midnight Blues (2018), and book 5, A Long Time to Die (2021). I am a proud and grateful member and former board member of SouthWest Writers, Croak and Dagger, the Albuquerque chapter of Sisters in Crime, and the International Thriller Writers.

A native of Wisconsin, I lived much of my life in New York. Now I live on the West Mesa here in Albuquerque with my wife Annette and Otis the Cat. I have two lovely daughters (one whom was published before her old man), a grandson and granddaughter.

After I conclude the Gabe McKenna Mystery trilogy, I intend to turn to historical fiction and screenwriting. After you successfully baby-sit for Robert Downey, Jr., anything is possible.

I love films, Nature, gardening, baseball, blues, exercise, technology, and hanging with other writers. In everything I do, I try hard not to be a Wise Guy. And I’ll have red chile on that.


Title: BURN SCARS (Gabe McKenna Mystery Series Book 6)
Publisher: Black Range Publishing/2024
Genre: Mystery

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the crossfire between two cartels warring for control of fentanyl trafficking in New Mexico. Yet that’s where Gabe McKenna finds himself. When tragedy threatens his family and closest friends, McKenna must act. But even the strongest person has a breaking point. How far can he go, how much can he risk to save his family, friends, and himself? BURN SCARS is Gabe McKenna’s greatest challenge, a tale of suspense, adventure, and hard-won triumph — a worthy addition to this popular award-winning series!

Available for Sale


Publisher: Black Range Publishing/2022
Genre: Ghost Thriller novella

An unbalanced killer-for-hire stops during a driving rain to pick up a naked, drugged-out teenage girl hitchhiking on a desolate two-lane highway outside a Colorado ghost town at 3:27 a.m. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

Available for Sale


Title: A LONG TIME TO DIE (A Gabe McKenna Mystery, Book 5)
Publisher: Black Range Publishing/2021
Genre: Mystery

After his cover in the Federal Witness Security Program is blown, Gabe McKenna goes undercover to keep from being killed. Can he get to his enemies before they get to him? And can he trust the one woman who has so often betrayed him?

Available for Sale


Title: MIDNIGHT BLUES (A Gabe McKenna Mystery, Book 4)
Publisher: Suspense Publishing/2018
Genre: Mystery

What kind of person would harm a child? Neophyte P.I. Gabe McKenna and his buddy The Onion find out the hard way, when their plan to ransom a kidnapped boy goes terribly wrong. Finding themselves in a battle against international human traffickers, they rely on the help of unlikely friends in a race against time to rescue dozens of enslaved young victims. In a final, deadly showdown at a New Mexico ghost town, Gabe faces his ultimate challenge. How high a price is he willing to pay? Can he risk death and his own conscience to save the innocent without turning into his enemy?

Available for Sale


Title: CUT.PRINT.KILL. (A Gabe McKenna Mystery, Book 3)
Publisher: Suspense Publishing/2017
Genre: Mystery

There’s always room for one more lie… Reeling from family betrayal and tragedy, Gabe McKenna charts a new course as historical consultant on a motion picture filming in New Mexico. Before you can say “Action!”, he is entangled in a web of illusion and deceit, where death plays a starring role. With the help of The Onion, a private investigator and long-time friend from New York, Gabe peels away layer after layer of dishonesty, battles brutal drug cartels, is accused of murder, and must unmask a mysterious, seductive woman to reveal the truth in a world full of lies.

Available for Sale


GetLost150Title: GET LOST (A Gabe McKenna Mystery, Book 2)
Publisher: Suspense Books/2016
Genre: Mystery

What do you do when the dead come back and your loved ones disappear? All Gabe McKenna wanted was a new floor for his barn. What he got was seven corpses, all long dead. Seven rich men, missing from New York. One of his closest childhood friends is gunned down in an Albuquerque casino. After escaping two attempts on his own life and with time running out, McKenna must uncover the connection and prevent his loved ones from joining the growing ranks of the dead. From New Mexico to New York to a lonely cliff once home to an ancient people, McKenna struggles against a bloodthirsty criminal enterprise for whom money matters more than any man’s life.

Available for Sale


Title: RED GOLD (A Gabe McKenna Mystery, Book 1)
Publisher: Suspense Books/2015
Genre: Mystery

“If you’re going through hell, keep going…” Shaken by the death of his beloved wife and battling powerful personal demons, Professor Gabriel McKenna leaves New York City for New Mexico to claim an inheritance from mysterious distant relatives. But he finds much more than a Land of Enchantment.

Unseen enemies threaten his life. Old friends turn up and rally to his side. With them all, he plunges into a lethal struggle for a 19th Century treasure, the fabled Lost Adams gold. McKenna enters a world of violence, passion, sexual abuse, deceit, and death that cause him to question his core beliefs and values, and even his sense of self.

Desperate to find a way home, McKenna must struggle against overpowering odds to rekindle his long-dead fighting spirit and discover new reasons to live and love.

Available for Sale

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