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Sarah Storme, S. H. Baker, Sarah H. Baker, Lydia Parks


Erotica, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Other Fiction

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Amazon Author Page: S. H. Baker (Mystery)
Amazon Author Page: Sarah Storme (Romance)
Amazon Author Page: Sarah H. Baker (Speculative Fiction)


Sarah H. Baker grew up in New Orleans, the city of music, food, and wonderful stories. After running off to Alaska to enjoy a taste of the wild pipeline days, she returned to the Lower 48 and earned a Master’s degree in engineering. As an engineer, Sarah has lived all over the United States, but seems to have sprouted roots in New Mexico. While moving around, she stumbled onto the joy of her life: writing.

Sarah writes mystery as S.H. Baker, romance as Sarah Storme, and erotica as Lydia Parks, and currently has 20 novels, numerous novellas and short stories, and 3 audiobooks published. She writes for Kensington, Harlequin, Five Star, Siren Audio and other publishers. Sarah also enjoys talking to readers and writers, and leading writing workshops, and she occasionally teaches classes for the University of New Mexico’s Continuing Education program.

In Memoriam

The following was written by Kathy Louise Schuit for the February 2023 issue of SouthWest Sage.

Anyone whose SWW membership started before 2020 knew Sarah Baker, who passed away in Houston, Texas on January 22, 2023 after a long battle with cancer.

Sarah served as SWW president from 2017-2018, and was the 2018 Parris award winner. In 2019, she mentored her successor, current president Rose Marie Kern, during her first term in that office. At the same time, Sarah continued a three-year-long habit of contributing a monthly advice column for writers, Ask Chaucer, to the SAGE. Sarah’s leprechaun smile and appreciation of a “good pint” imbued every gathering around her with joy, inclusiveness and good Irish humor.

For years, SWW members flocked to Sarah’s fun and informative classes and presentations, and to writers conferences where she was often a key organizer and speaker. It’s fair to say that SWW would not be what it is today without the influence of Sarah Baker.

Sarah participated broadly in the world of writing. She successfully wrote, traditionally published and sold books in three separate genres—romance (as Sarah Storme), mystery (as S.H. Baker), erotica (as Lydia Parks)—and, at the time of her passing, was working on the second book in her Promise Me Tomorrow speculative fiction series (as Sarah H. Baker).

As of January 31, 2023 SWW had not received word of services or an obituary, but you can read more about her life on her website, Sarah’s sister Laura posted an announcement on the SouthWest Writers Facebook page, which included this farewell from Sarah:

Several months ago, she requested that I post the following message from her when the time came: “I approach the final transition without regret. I’ve lived a life full of joy, excitement, beauty, and love. You, my family and friends, have made it the wondrous experience it has been. I hope to encourage you all to reach for what you want with both hands and without fear. Hugs to all of you, Sarah”


The following is just a sample of Sarah’s published work. Follow the links to her Amazon Author Pages (above) for an extensive list.

Title: Promise Me Tomorrow: Book 1: The Prisoner
Published: August 3, 2020
Genre: Science Fiction: Dystopian

More than three generations after the collapse of civilization and decades of Utopian peace, New Village is suddenly attacked. Villagers are killed and precious supplies are stolen, but one of the injured bandits is left behind. Kole, Protector of New Village, can’t turn her out; she won’t survive. If he allows her to stay, will he be able to keep his children and the other villagers safe? Shylah has always fought for everything: scratch, cover, her very life. But in this strange place, marks work together, and they even take care of their mutts. Won’t Bryce be pleased when he comes back to get her? Now she knows their secrets. They won’t survive a day.

Available for Sale


Title: Angel in My Arms
Publisher: Siren Audio Studios (2013)
Genre: Full-cast audio/Romance

The drunken moonshiner in Return to Marshall’s Bayou is the unexpected hero in Sarah Storme’s newest romance. Captain Joshua Wakefield finds a second chance at love, this time with a young woman who enjoys defying convention—when she thinks her parents aren’t looking. Angel in My Arms, with its weaving of voices and mixing of textures and musical score, ventures into new territory in the field of audio romance.

Available for Sale


Title: Murder in Marshall’s Bayou (A Dassas Cormier Mystery Book 1)
Publisher: Zumaya Enigma (June 1, 2009)
Genre: Historical Mystery

Dassas Cormier returns to Marshall’s Bayou in the spring of 1924 to find that his old friend Red Doucet has been murdered. Grace, the only woman Dass has ever loved, is also back in Marshall’s Bayou, and she wants him to look for her missing husband. He’s surprised when his search leads to another murder. Are the two murders linked? More important, is Grace involved?

Available for Sale


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