A Diversity of Expression

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SWW announces the publication of A Diversity of Expression, an anthology which captures a host of award-winning prose, poetry and artwork submitted to the 2022 Annual Writing Contest.

The SouthWest Writers 2022 Writing Contest motto was “A Diversity of Expression.” Thirteen categories of prose, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction as well as art and photography grace this delightful anthology of winning entries. The Annual Writing Contest offers an important step in an author’s development by focusing on short pieces of poetry, non-fiction essays, and genre-driven short prose. The contest allows both budding authors and seasoned writers to sharpen their skills. This year in addition to prose, poetry and non-fiction, SWW included two art categories. Most of the categories were reviewed by our professional team but three categories were adjudicated by the membership at large. These stories and poems are fun, or sad, or factual, or surprising, many of them are all these things.

Delight your family and friends with this charming literary collection!

For Sale

Paperback and eBook editions of the anthology are available on Amazon. Revenue from the sale of A Diversity of Expression will be used to pay for organizational programs such as high quality speakers and presenters at our meetings, classes, and workshops.

Table of Contents

Section One: Opening Chapter Published Book
The Chimera Club ♦ Chuck Greaves
The Poison of War ♦ Jennifer Leeper
When the Mockingbird Won’t Sing ♦ Victoria Murata
One Will: Three Wives ♦ Edith Tarbescu
Canyon of Doom ♦ Jodi Lea Stewart

Section Two: Opening Chapter UNPublished Book
Overture ♦ Paul Knight/Chris Allen
Paradigm Shift ♦ Jonathan Seyfried
The White Ace ♦ Joe Cappello
Bullets in the Water ♦ Conor McAnally
Artichoke Hearts and Chicken-Fried Shark ♦ Craig Higgins
Defiance, West of the River ♦ Vicki Felmlee
The Diplomat ♦ Roger Floyd
Midnight at the Bus Station ♦ Jodi Lea Stewart

Section Three: Book Review
Santa Fe & the Atomic Bomb ♦ Roger Floyd

Section Four: Elevator Pitch
Santiago’s Prayer ♦ Ed Johnson
Harmonic Chronicles ♦ Chris Allen
The Price of the Sky ♦ William Fisher

Section Five: Limerick
Words ♦ Chris Allen
Teen Diagnosis ♦ Roscoe Champion
Old Pro Politico ♦ Roscoe Champion

Section Six: Haiku
Snow Dust ♦ Dodici Azpadu
Tears ♦ Ed Lehner
Lockdown Privilege ♦ Rebecca Dakota
Ancient Wisteria ♦ Wendy Brown
Waiting Underground ♦ Rebeca Dakota

Section Seven: Free Verse Poetry
Ode to a Dead Poet ♦ Kathleen Holmes
Facing Cancer at the Foot of Ladron Mountain ♦ Wendy Brown
Produce Far Aisle ♦ Victoria Holmsten
In Memory of My Milton Teacher, John ♦ Alan Bern
A Different Christmas Tree ♦ Matt Nyman
Skipping Stones ♦ Arlene Hoyt-Schulze

Section Eight: Prose Flying
One Way Flight to Shakin ♦ James Tritten
The Gosling ♦ Judith Castleberry
The Lure of Flying ♦ Jeffrey Otis

Section Nine: Prose Voyages
Hitch Hiker ♦ Evelyn Neil
An Unexpected Voyage ♦ Patricia Walkow
Across the Atlantic ♦ Jette Tritten

Section Ten: Prose Mountains
Creative Procrastination ♦ Leonie Rosenstiel
Grantston ♦ Ed Lehner
Mountain Meditation ♦ Mary Burns

Section Eleven: Prose Celestial Bodies
Orion ♦ Ma Angelica Chiutena
The Music Box ♦ Kathleen Holmes
The Star Falls ♦ Roger Floyd

Section Twelve: Non-fiction Travel
Of Titans and Sprites and Forest Delights ♦ Connie Orozco-Morgan
Transylvania ♦ Terence Cady
Night Photography in Joshua Tree National Park ♦ Vicky Ramakka

Section Thirteen: Non-fiction Memoir
Forever ♦ Ruth Marshall
Ursa Major ♦ Paula Nixon
Bubble Gum ♦ Evelyn Neil
Ghost on the Lawn ♦ Jennifer Trotter
Once Upon a Midnight ♦ Joe Cappello

Cover Art
Many Hats ♦ Kathy Schuit

Interior Art
Hemblett Cabin ♦ Rebecca Larivee
Flyers ♦ Jeffrey Otis
Sandia Mountains ♦ Jette Tritten
Looking for Company ♦ Robert Cudney
Wildly Shining ♦ Elizabeth Layton

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