Art and Graphics

Book Cover Designers

Your book’s cover is a key element in your marketing plan. Book cover designers not only create the images and text that appear on the front of your book, but they also handle the back cover and spine. Designers focus on image details as well as the overall effect and proper balance of graphics and text. Cover designers should be aware of current design trends for literary works as well as specific genres such as science fiction and romance. Designers can create covers for both print and digital versions of your work. If there is a photo or other type of image you’d like to use, discuss that with your designer up front.


Illustrators are artists who create drawings, paintings, and other images. An illustrator might create multiple images to fill a children’s book or produce elements to be incorporated into a cover design or to appear in a book’s interior. Choose an illustrator whose style complements your vision of your work.

Digital or Multimedia Artists and Graphic Designers

These artists use software and graphics platforms to create illustrations and animations such as GIFs, clean up and enhance photos, and create original images for websites and social media. They may also offer cover design and interior book formatting and layout services.


A photographer can create the precise high-resolution images you want for the cover or interior sections of your book. Photographers generally provide model releases and permissions to print. Photos, like written works, are protected by copyrights which belong to the person who shot the image. If you plan to use photos that you did not take yourself, even photos that are in your physical possession, make sure the copyrights are cleared. Copyright violations can be very costly.



Kathy Louise Schuit


Award winning book cover designer and digital illustration. Kathy’s outstanding artistic talents can assist in creating children’s books, memoirs and book cover art. Working together, we can make your book stand out from the crowd! Memoir? Historical? Talk to me about photo restoration.


Rose Marie Kern

RMK Publications, LLC.

Need help with creating a great book cover? Rose will help you set up and format a book cover for you to use in self-publishing. A graphic artist and photographer, Rose can use online tools to create lovely book covers or incorporate your artwork and photography.

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