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I am a retired professor from Iowa State University of Graphic Design and presently a luthier, musician, poet, and novelist. When not writing, I repair stringed musical instruments, hike, bike, do yoga and Tai Chi in our San Juan Mountains or in the desert canyons.

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I was an avid reader in my early days, having read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick, Treasure Island, many of Zane Grey’s books, and many others by the time I finished eighth grade. I went to a boarding high school which had a wonderful library from which I always had a novel to read. Senior year, I was assigned to read The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins for an English class. I remember struggling with writing a paper on it, and the teacher tried to help me grasp the deeper meaning of the writing, but to no avail. However, when after serving in the Navy, I began college and in my first college class in literature, I was again assigned to look at the deeper intricacies of the writing in the book Sister Carrie by Theodore Driesser. With the guidance of the professor, it was like a light came on. In that same class, I was inspired to start writing poetry after being introduced to Robert Frost, the first poet I had ever really read. Around that same time, I did a transcendental meditation class during which the instructor suggested I start a journal which I dove into and continued to do for many years after. I was inspired to write San Juan Sunrise during the winter of 2016–17 while recovering from pneumonia. The Awakening of Russell Henderson came shortly after. At the moment, I have no other books in progress, but am writing, and frequently posting, short stories, essays, and poetry on my blog.


Title: Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales
Publisher: AIA Publishing (March 4, 2022)
Genre: Contemporary Short Stories

This anthology of short stories and two novelettes contains embellished memoirs, fanciful flights concerning climate change and the Covid epidemic, and stories of romance and mystery.

Available for Sale


Title: The Awakening of Russell Henderson
Publisher: AIA (2018)
Genre: Fiction

Russell Henderson, newly divorced and a failure in his own and in his parents eyes, causing him to suffer from depression. When his work as an investment banker in Chicago begins to suffer, he is asked to take a sabbatical, subsequently leaving on an ill conceived camping trip to explore the western United States. It was then his life began began to unravel, especially after picking up a woman hitchhiker somewhere in Iowa who has her own dark past.

Available for Sale


Title: San Juan Sunrise
Publisher: Balboa Press (2017)
Genre: Fiction

Jenny was raised in a commune in northern California, her life there a living nightmare from parental abuse and bullying from her peers. With a surprise birthday gift for her eighteenth birthday from her grandparents, she was able to escape to Colorado. Demonized from childhood abuse, she chose to live her life in isolation after college: summers of living out of a backpack in the San Juan Mountains and winters spent in a secluded cabin north of Durango. Coming down from the mountains for winter, she has a chance encounter with an older man which sets into motion a series of events that will lead her to self discovery and confront her with the shadows of her past.

Available for Sale


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