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Holly Harrison, now retired from the university, devotes herself full-time to writing mystery novels. The Land of Enchantment provides a multicultural landscape to unfold crimes and misdemeanors. She lives near Old Town Albuquerque with her husband and two Scottish Terriers, Angus and Sasha.

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I find the mystery genre provides a stage in which to develop characters fully. After all, life is full of mysteries. New Mexico affords a rich multicultural landscape to cultivate both the characters and story. Rites & Wrongs is the second in a planned three-book series featuring the Santa Fe detective Pascal Ruiz and his friend Gillian Jasper. The first book, The Ghost Notes, interweaves the history and lore of the violin with New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment. I am editing the third book in the series, New Territory. My advice to writers is to write. That’s the easy part.


Title: Rites & Wrongs
Publisher: Golden Word Books (January 5, 2021)
Genre: Mystery

Santa Fe detective, Pascal Ruiz, becomes disenchanted with his job after solving a high profile case involving a stolen Stradivarius violin. That is until the Captain asks him, off the record, to look into the disappearance of his niece’s boyfriend, Bobby Pilot. Pilot, staying out at a ranch where his girlfriend has a part in a TV western, struggles to write an article on the Penitentes, known for their Holy Week reenactments of Christ’s last day on earth, and the upcoming Easter Procession to Chimayo. Ruiz finds Pilot unconscious in an abandoned pueblo, clothed in a Jesus costume and tied to a cross.

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