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Mystery, Thriller


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Manfred was born and raised in Switzerland. He trained as a technician at a Nuclear Research Facility in that country, and he worked where he had been educated until he moved to Toronto, Canada, in 1965. That is where Manfred learned to fly. In the early 70s, he moved back to Switzerland and worked as a systems programmer on mainframe computers. In the early 80s he began a career at a major computer manufacturer, leading to a slew of overseas assignments for his employer who sponsored a spin-off in Culver City, California. He continued to fly an ever-longer list of aircraft, including helicopters and airliners (DC3). He has been flying helicopters commercially for five years in Santa Fe, where he is now retired. He speaks five languages. He just published his first novel.


Title: Broken Arrow: A Nuke Goes Missing
Published: 2020
Genre: Thriller

It is the story, mostly seen through the eyes of the narrator and the principal protagonist Harry — a helicopter pilot — who ends up embroiled in a heist of a nuclear weapon component from Los Alamos National Lab.

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