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Gina Troisi’s work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Fourth Genre, The Gettysburg Review, Fugue, Under the Sun, Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment, and elsewhere. Her stories and essays have been recognized as finalists in several national contests, including the 2020 Iron Horse Literary Review Trifecta Award in Fiction, the 2018 New Letters Publication Award in Fiction, American Literary Review’s Creative Nonfiction Contest (2018), and others. She has taught classes and workshops in both traditional and nontraditional settings, including writing workshops for female adult survivors of sexual assault. She lives in coastal Maine.


Title: The Angle of Flickering Light
Publisher: Vine Leaves Press (April 6, 2021)
Genre: Memoir

Desperate to find respite from the knowledge of her father’s infidelities, his verbal abuse, and her step-mother’s psychological torment, Gina spent hours doing Jane Fonda’s workouts, smoked cigarettes instead of eating food, and became obsessed with her thinness… with the notion of fading away. She found solace in restlessness—drinking hallucinogenic mushroom tea and inhaling crushed pills and powders—perching herself on the periphery of danger again and again. Gina finally glimpsed a better life for herself when her grandfather, a man who was a surrogate father to her, became terminally ill. She fell in love with John, a stranger who was utterly familiar, but who was addicted to heroin. She moved from New Hampshire to California, crossing the country in an attempt to alleviate her self-destructive tendencies, but found herself pulled back to New Hampshire, to John, a man with whom, despite his struggle, she could not deny the sense of home she felt.

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Articles & Essays

“A Hunger” ♦ Sycamore Review, Fall 2019
“Buried Beneath Her Skin Like Slivers” ♦ Under the Sun
“The Release” ♦ Pembroke Magazine, March 2019
“Suicide Note” ♦ Iron Horse Literary Review, November 2018
“In the Wake of Time” ♦ Silk Road Review, Spring 2016
“The Angle of Flickering Light” ♦ Fourth Genre, Spring 2015
“Our Shadows on the Sidewalks” ♦ Under the Sun, Summer 2014
“Where the Ocean and Sky Divide” ♦ Fugue, Winter-Spring 2014
“Until the Morning Comes” ♦ Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment, Winter 2014
“Wrapped Up in Skin, Hidden Behind Eyes” ♦ The Gettysburg Review, Spring 2013
“Here on the Deck” ♦ The Truth About Fact: International Journal of Literary Nonfiction
“Adams Point” ♦ Compass Rose
“In the Absence of Beauty” ♦ The Clackamas Literary Review, 2011
“Cleaning House” ♦ The Concho River Review, Fall 2010
“Safety” ♦ Room Magazine, Fall 2009
“The Red House” ♦ PMSpoemmemoirstory, Fall 2009
“Indulgence” ♦ Best New Writing 2010, Fall 2009
“Radiation” ♦ Hope Whispers, Summer 2009
“Radiation” ♦ Stonecoast Lines: Volume II ( University of Southern Maine), Winter 2009


“What is Lost” ♦ [Not] the End: Prison Stories, forthcoming

Short Stories

“Eve” ♦ Night Shift Radio, forthcoming
“Then You Were Gone” ♦ Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, forthcoming
“After the Boston Marathon Bombing” ♦ Gemini Magazine, September 2020
“What Remains” ♦ Quarter After Eight, Spring 2020
“Between Strangers” ♦ Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment, Winter 2018

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