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John L. Thompson currently lives in New Mexico with his wife of twenty-nine years. When he is not searching for lost remnants of the old west, he can be found working on several writing projects or collecting vintage paperbacks. He is the current cover designer for Barry Sadler’s Casca the Eternal Mercenary series (currently written by Tony Roberts) and a graphic artist for Yellow Mama e-zine. He is the author of Truck Stop and Monkey Wrench. His third novel, Dead Blow, is the final installment in the Truck Stop trilogy and is set to be released in September 2021 by Dusty Desert Press.


Title: Truck Stop
Published: 2018
Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction

Moriarty, New Mexico is as far as Logan Pierce got before the money and the El Camino gave out. He‘d hoped for a clean start in life as a field mechanic working for any company willing to pay top dollar for his skills in the oil fields of West Texas. Out of options, he takes a local job as a technician at Duggan’s Truck Stop.

The truck stop is a miniature city within a city that has all the luxuries for a home away from home feel for the over-the-road truck driver. Under it all, Logan discovers there is also a dark side which people claim is operated by the Dixie Mafia. Then there is the persistent rumor that affiliates of the Mafia are looking for a quarter-million in missing cash skimmed from over a five-year time frame. The job was meant to be a temporary solution but that was before Amy Hauser entered the picture and presented him with additional problems.

Logan also may well have discovered where the money is hidden, but soon finds that other people want it more.

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Title: Monkey Wrench
Published: 2021
Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction

George Olsen’s life is one big lie. As a witness in a mob money embezzlement operation turned deadly, he lives within the WITSEC program and has had plenty of trouble adapting to life.

Never look back.

It’s one of the sacred rules within the WITSEC program. But when he hears an old flame has moved back to New Mexico, he is forced to return to his old stomping grounds only to discover that decision could prove to be fatal.

People are looking for the half-million in embezzled mob cash buried somewhere within Torrance County. The same money Olsen and his friend had found a couple of years earlier, the same money people have died for, and the same money wanted by an army of killers who will stop at nothing to get it.

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Short Stories

Collection: Cold Hearts and Other Stories
Published: 2021
Genre: Crime Fiction

Within this tome of visual destruction, New Mexico author John L. Thompson reaches into his treasure chest and presents his personal favorite modern crime fiction short stories from over the last ten years. Within this volume, the reader will explore some of the grittiest crime fiction stories to date.

  • an old hitman living within a retirement home, is given one last job
  • a man who lusts for money and a woman soon finds the tables have turned
  • reliving the Iraq War can have profound effects on society
  • how far will one go to protect man’s best friend?
  • revenge over a classic car

These dark tales are just a few examples of what waits inside.

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Title: Hardboiled: Dames and Sin
Published: 2016

Here it is….the third volume in the popular Harboiled anthology series bought to you by Dead Guns Press! We might be going out but we’re taking the lot of you with us down a road less traveled! Check out these jaw-crushing tales by some of the best crime fiction writers on the market.

Enjoy these tales of Femme Fatales, bad dames, and the gentle touch of power, sex, and corruption in this edition of Hardboiled by these authors: DG Bracey, Tom Barlow, Liz Johnson, Bruce Harris, Craig Faustus Buck, Christopher Davis, Preston Lang, Karen Robiscoe, Donald Glass, Callum McSorley, Ben Fine, Sarah M. Chen, JT Siems, Bill Baber, Aidan Thorn, Max DeVoe Talley, and Joe Prosit.

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Title: Hardboiled: Vol 4
Published: 2018

Dead Guns Press returns to the scene of the crime with another jaw-busting issue of Hardboiled. Walk the mean streets of the US and UK with some of today’s best in crime fiction literature. In this edition get ready for bone-breaking, bottle smashing stories by Bill Baber, Bruce Harris, Max Devoe Talley, Callum McSorley, Don Glass, Jim Shaffer, Robert Petyo, Peter Dechellis, Jacqueline Seewald, Ellie Tritch, Michael McGlade, Robb White, Ben Fine, and Chris McGinley.

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Title: It’s a Lonely World: An Indie Author’s Journey (Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them)
Published: 2021
Genre: Writing & Publishing, Authorship Reference

Are you the new guy trying to learn this self-publishing gig? Have you tried to self-publish your book, and then wonder why it failed to gather sales and reviews? Maybe you have a book script, but you don’t know where to start. Do you feel like self-publishing will mark you as an amateur? You and thousands of other Indie-Authors are not alone.

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