Barb Simmons

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Barb Simmons, Belle Sloane


Romance, Erotica


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Facebook: Barb Simmons
Facebook: BelleSloaneBooks


Barb Simmons is an award-winning author who focuses her work on contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance. Growing up an Army Brat and having had the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively has afforded her the chance to experience many exotic locales, the ultimate of which is one of the most romantic cities in the world — Heidelberg, Germany. Those experiences have influenced her work in a big way. Believe it or not, her prom and graduation were held in a castle. Finally settled, she’s put down roots in New Mexico’s lovely Rio Grande Valley with her husband Charlie. They enjoy a quiet life in the country, making regular sojourns to see the wonders of New Mexico and the Great Southwest.


Title: The War Within: A Wounded Warrior Romance
Publisher: Indie/2021
Genre: Romance

Former Marine Raider, Mike Ramos lost his leg and himself during his last deployment to Afghanistan. He meets and falls hard for Vivian, the woman of his dreams, in his favorite place ever — the gym. Her presence in his life can only make him a better man, but it will also force him to face the horrors of his war time past.

Available for Sale


Title: The Guardian
Publisher: Indie/2017
Genre: Romance

Sick and tired of fear keeping her from really living. Celeste Mason, clinical psychologist, is finally rebuilding her life and her confidence, after being stalked by one of her own patients.

Souring on immortality, he yearned for something he could not even name. Miguel Ramirez, wizard Guardian, would sacrifice his own life, protecting those he’s charged to champion.

Then Magic chose her. When the Goblet of Antilia, an ancient powerful artifact, comes into Celeste’s possession by its own design, she must complete its divined quest, before it will release her. Guarding Celeste changed everything for Miguel, prompting him to want what he could never have. Her. A powerful bond is forged between them, as they face the challenges of the quest, while fending off the constant perils of an unnaturally powerful dark wizard who is determined to take the goblet and its power for himself, by any means.

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Title: Solstice Keepsake
Publisher: Indie/2020
Genre: Erotic

Painfully shy and curvy Marny has been in love with Brett, her delivery man, for ages but hasn’t the nerve to let him know. Right before Solstice she buys a magical wardrobe for her curio shop, As Time Goes By, and discovers it’s a portal to a dreamy world of carefree sensual pleasure. She embarks on a couple trips to that other realm and partakes in mouthwatering sensual delights, gaining experience and new found bravery. Will she finally have the courage to let Brett know how she feels?

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Short Stories

Title: Holes in Our Hearts: An Anthology of New Mexican Military Related Stories and Poetry
Publisher: Independently published (May 29, 2023)

“The War Within: Chapter 1”

This collection of prose and poetry was gathered and created by SouthWest Writers and funded through a grant from the State of New Mexico Arts Agency. These stories were written and contributed by New Mexican Veterans, their family members and caregivers including: Rosa Armijo-Pemble, Joseph Badal, Rebecca Black, Steve Borbas, E. Joe Brown, Laurel Burnett, Sherri Burr, Ivan Calhoun, John J. Candelaria, Judy Castleberry, Brenda Cole, Brinn Colenda, Joshua Colenda, Mark Fleisher, Paul David Gonzales, Linda G. Harris, M. Elder Hays, A. Michael Hibner, Carl Hitchens, KE Hopkins, James Houston and Molly Houston, Carol Kreis, Caroline A. LeBlanc, Jacqueline Murray Loring, Butch Maki, Elaine Carson Montague, Sam Moorman, Evelyn Neil, Thomas Neiman, C.L. Nemeth, Paula Nixon, Harper O’Connor, Jeffrey Otis, Donna Pedace, W. Howard Plunkett, Léonie Rosenstiel, Earl W. Rugen, Lynne Sebastian, Barb Simmons, Ted Spitzmiller, Dale Swetnam, Jasmine Tritten, Jim Tritten, Lawrence Trujillo, Vicki Turpen, KL Wagoner, Regina Washington, Dan Wetmore, Ben White, Josephine White, J. Allen Whitt, Circe Olson Woessner, Norbert Wood, Kay Yoest.

Available for Sale


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