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E. Joe Brown is a published author. His newest novel is A Cowboy’s Fortune, book two in the Kelly Can Saga of historical fiction novels. Joe is a member of SouthWest Writers, the Western Writers of America, and the Military Writers Society of America.


Title: A Cowboy’s Fortune (Kelly Can Saga Book 2)
Publisher: Artemesia Publishing (January 2024)

The cutthroat world of big oil is very different from the life of a humble cowboy, but if anyone can succeed among all the treachery and danger, KELLY CAN! It’s 1919 and Charlie Kelly has married the love of his life, Susan, and together the newlyweds hope to grow the business empire that Susan’s father, Walter Kramer, built. Charlie’s dream of starting his own oil company becomes a reality, and Susan takes over the leadership of the Kramer Group, but tragedy soon follows triumph. Charlie discovers that the trail to becoming the best oil man in Oklahoma is not as easy as becoming a top hand at the 101 Ranch. It will take more than just financial backing to be a success in the Oklahoma oil fields, especially when family, competitors, business opportunities, and sabotage all compete for Charlie’s attention. When the success of Kelly Oil puts Susan’s life at risk, Charlie will take the bull by the horns and find a way to save Susan as only a cowboy can.

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Title: A Cowboy’s Destiny (Kelly Can Saga Book 1)
Publisher: Artemesia Publishing (June 2022)

A young cowboy’s dream of being the best at a world-famous ranch is tested by something he never expected; his love for a married woman. In 1917, 19-year-old Charlie Kelly lives with his family working a ranch outside Fort Sumner, New Mexico. But Charlie is tired of fixing everyone’s problems, especially the ones his father creates. Charlie wants to become a ‘top hand’ at the world-famous Miller 101 Ranch in northern Oklahoma. When his father shoots a man in Fort Sumner, forcing the Kelly family to leave New Mexico, Charlie decides the time is right to head out on his own. But the road to becoming a cowboy at the 101 Ranch takes many twists and turns, and Charlie encounters a major detour when he meets Susan. She captures his heart, despite being married, and Charlie soon finds that his plan faces major conflicts that forces Charlie to make some tough decisions. Through it all Charlie struggles to fulfill his destiny.

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Mickey and Me: A Kid Meets His Hero
Published: March 24, 2022

As a fourteen-year-old baseball player from Oklahoma, one of Joe’s greatest dreams was to meet his hero, Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees. As fate would have it, he had the honor of meeting him twice.

Discover the magic between these two baseball Okies as they share time together.



Armageddon: My Hollywood Story
Published: April 15, 2022

From his collection My Adventures at Edwards AFB. The movie, Armageddon was shot partially at Edwards AFB where Joe was the officer assigned to work with the movie crew as they “trained” the astronauts for a dangerous adventure. He would never have dreamed he would ever get an opportunity to be part of Hollywood, even though he lived and worked within about a one-hour drive of Hollywood and Vine. But it did happen. Here is his behind the scenes look.



Grandaddy’s Wisdom: Memories of a 10-year-old Boy
Published: May 22, 2022

The 1950s, in fact, were a simpler time. But some things have always been the same. For example, a ten-year-old boy moving from his hometown, leaving friends and relationships important to him is traumatic. For Joey, he had a strong relationship with a loving granddaddy that helped him through his difficult time. That’s a gift just as valuable for youngsters today. I hope you can identify with and enjoy the story.



Hey, Coach!
Published: July 27, 2022

From his collection My Adventures at Edwards AFB. Joe has many fond memories of coaching youth in football and baseball, but one young man, and their shared times are a little more special than most.

A military base is a world of its own. The children of military personnel frequently attend base schools. Tech Sargeant E.Joe Brown worked on Edwards AFB donating some of his off-duty hours to coaching football and baseball at the local high school.

This story shows the impact a coach can have on a player…and a player can have on a coach.


Short Stories/Essays

Title: Holes in Our Hearts: An Anthology of New Mexican Military Related Stories and Poetry
Publisher: Independently published (May 29, 2023)

“Hey Coach”

This collection of prose and poetry was gathered and created by SouthWest Writers and funded through a grant from the State of New Mexico Arts Agency. These stories were written and contributed by New Mexican Veterans, their family members and caregivers including: Rosa Armijo-Pemble, Joseph Badal, Rebecca Black, Steve Borbas, E. Joe Brown, Laurel Burnett, Sherri Burr, Ivan Calhoun, John J. Candelaria, Judy Castleberry, Brenda Cole, Brinn Colenda, Joshua Colenda, Mark Fleisher, Paul David Gonzales, Linda G. Harris, M. Elder Hays, A. Michael Hibner, Carl Hitchens, KE Hopkins, James Houston and Molly Houston, Carol Kreis, Caroline A. LeBlanc, Jacqueline Murray Loring, Butch Maki, Elaine Carson Montague, Sam Moorman, Evelyn Neil, Thomas Neiman, C.L. Nemeth, Paula Nixon, Harper O’Connor, Jeffrey Otis, Donna Pedace, W. Howard Plunkett, Léonie Rosenstiel, Earl W. Rugen, Lynne Sebastian, Barb Simmons, Ted Spitzmiller, Dale Swetnam, Jasmine Tritten, Jim Tritten, Lawrence Trujillo, Vicki Turpen, KL Wagoner, Regina Washington, Dan Wetmore, Ben White, Josephine White, J. Allen Whitt, Circe Olson Woessner, Norbert Wood, Kay Yoest.

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