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Fil A. Chavez is a native New Mexican with a BSCE from the University of New Mexico and a Master of Arts degree resulting from a National Urban Fellowship with Yale University and Occidental College. He is an Air Force veteran with service during the Vietnam War. Fil and his wife Mary will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 2024. After a successful career as a Management Consultant specializing in partnering, training, and business development, Fil organized his lifetime notes, resulting in a very unique book, Unused Towels, which is a finalist in the 2023 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

UNUSED TOWELS named Amazon Best Seller!


Title: Unused Towels
Published: August 2022
Genre: Personal Transformation / Self-Help

Unused Towels is a collection of refreshingly honest, real-life stories based on the author’s fabulously rewarding personal life, coupled with a lengthy, successful professional career in management and consulting. The chronicles shared in Unused Towels describe inspiring, thought-provoking incidents in his life … some will bring laughter, some will evoke tears, some will elicit deep thinking … some will require no thinking. Importantly, many of the stories are humorous. All of them are uplifting and emphasize how great and loving God is. A few narratives touch on deeply serious topics since one focus of the book is to shed light on suicidal depression. The author offers encouraging thoughts from his own personal experiences with suicidal depression, especially to those who have lost a loved one to suicide and wonder, “Did I miss the clues?” “How could I have not known?”

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Readers comments:

  • “You may have saved some lives and not even realized it! THIS IS A MESSAGE WORTH GETTING OUT.”
  • “I just ordered 9 books to give to family and friends. I have struggled with depression my entire life.”
  • “What stood out strongly for me was how important God and Mary are in your life.”
  • “Great insight from lessons learned, with a wonderful mix of humor and seriousness.”
  • “I have learned that I need to listen more carefully.”
  • “I loved reading the stories!! It made me feel like part of this book.”
  • “While reading your book, I was thinking of my own life. I always thought I’d amount to nothing. Now, you’re my new psychologist!”
  • “Your writing style allows the reader to truly feel like they are on this journey with you. The concept of this book is delightful.”
  • “I love the conversational style of your writing.”
  • One verbal comment, “I am still too embarrassed to tell anyone how I feel. Thank you for talking for me.”

Amazon Best Seller

Over 904 eBooks were ordered during a free eBook promotion!

The first big numbers ordered (656) were heavily due to a one-day ad in The Fussy Librarian.

Author Fil Chavez writes, “I pray that the book, especially the last chapter “TOSTI,” will get into the hands of those dealing with suicidal depression. I am pleased that several people found many of the stories uplifting, humorous and/or interesting in the 19 chapters which are included in the book as a counterbalance to the four heavy chapters dealing with depression.

As a result of this event, Amazon listed it as #1 in Happiness, #1 in Death and Grief, and #3 in Personal Transformation.

Articles/Essays written by Fil

First Place: Romantic Essay Contest ♦ “The Moment – Christmas Eve” ♦ The Desert Leaf, February Issue 1994

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