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An Oklahoma native, I take a down to earth look at life and can exist comfortably on the page with the fictional characters I create. A career in retail management across America gave me a life enriched by a variety of personalities and cultures. Since retirement in the Albuquerque, NM, area those characters and stories have jumped from memory to the written page. I am a member of SouthWest Writers and Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. My performances and leadership roles with music organizations such as the International Western Music Association, Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association, and Southern California Bluegrass Association, afford me an in-depth look into the world and story of a young man striving for success in music.


Title: A Right Fine Life
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press/2024
Genre: General Fiction

California-born Randy Walters dreams of Country Music stardom. After years of struggling in the harsh world of the music business in Nashville, TN, and a love interest gone bad, success finally comes. Through it all, he battles guilt over deserting his widowed mother and small son. All the accolades and awards can’t fill his need for the closeness of family and comforts of home. How can he have it all?

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Short Stories

Title: ABQ inPrint 7: Playing With What is Real
Publisher: Bosque Press / 2023

“On His Terms”
Genre: Paranormal

A man’s life or death decision makes him question all that he has ever known.

In 2016 Lynn & Lynda introduced a new magazine, ABQ inPrint, in which they feature writers and artists who either live in New Mexico, have lived in New Mexico, or have strong ties to New Mexico. They intend ABQ inPrint to be an occasional publication, and each issue will feature a different theme. The theme for ABQ inPrint 7 is Playing with What Is Real.

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Bosque Press

Title: Sister
Published: October 19, 2022

“Sister” is the story of a young woman who learns to honor her responsibilities to everyone else by following her own dreams. At the death of her mother, she feels drawn to keep the family business and legacy alive. Sister and her dog, Harley, return to her Arkansas hometown, only to watch its continuing decline over the next nine years. It takes family and friends, like Harley to set her on the right path to happiness.

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Title: Ladies of the Quilt
Published: October 18, 2022

“Ladies Of The Quilt” is a work of fiction which grew out of actual experiences in the author’s life. A five-year-old girl follows her mother to weekly quilting bees, where she observes the diversity of women’s dreams and hardships as they work together on an intricate project. Like a quilt, we make life from many elements pieced together by the loving hands of family and friends. We look back to those formative pieces to make our own way in the world.

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