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Fantasy, Memoir, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult

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Jeff Otis has been a fiction author and humorist since 2019. Several of his short stories appear in anthologies published by SouthWest Writers. In 2023, he won first place in the humor category for his short story “The Gift” which appeared in the anthology Woven Pathways. His novels center on magical realism or science fiction. In addition, he loves painting in oils. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Ida and family.


Title: Woven Pathways: The 2023 SouthWest Writers Winners Anthology
Publisher: Independently published (September 6, 2023)

“The Gift”
♦ 1st Place: Short Story, Humor

SouthWest Writers has released a new collection of award winning prose and poetry highlighting the talents of both experienced and novice wordsmiths. This delightful anthology weaves together diverse genres and viewpoints to bring you an eclectic mix of humor, pathos, and intrigue. These pieces were all winners in the 2023 SWW annual writing contest. This year’s contest includes writing categories in both prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction, spanning the gamut from opening pages of novels to flash fiction to memoirs. The Annual Writing Contest allows both new and seasoned writers to sharpen their skills by taking them out of their comfort zone. We the members of SouthWest Writers hope you enjoy this year’s anthology of contest finalists — after all, you the reader are the reason we write!

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Title: Holes in Our Hearts: An Anthology of New Mexican Military Related Stories and Poetry
Publisher: Independently published (May 29, 2023)

“Bottles” ♦ Genre: Humor/Memoir
“The Mission” ♦ Genre: Memoir

This collection of prose and poetry was gathered and created by SouthWest Writers and funded through a grant from the State of New Mexico Arts Agency. These stories were written and contributed by New Mexican Veterans, their family members and caregivers including: Rosa Armijo-Pemble, Joseph Badal, Rebecca Black, Steve Borbas, E. Joe Brown, Laurel Burnett, Sherri Burr, Ivan Calhoun, John J. Candelaria, Judy Castleberry, Brenda Cole, Brinn Colenda, Joshua Colenda, Mark Fleisher, Paul David Gonzales, Linda G. Harris, M. Elder Hays, A. Michael Hibner, Carl Hitchens, KE Hopkins, James Houston and Molly Houston, Carol Kreis, Caroline A. LeBlanc, Jacqueline Murray Loring, Butch Maki, Elaine Carson Montague, Sam Moorman, Evelyn Neil, Thomas Neiman, C.L. Nemeth, Paula Nixon, Harper O’Connor, Jeffrey Otis, Donna Pedace, W. Howard Plunkett, Léonie Rosenstiel, Earl W. Rugen, Lynne Sebastian, Barb Simmons, Ted Spitzmiller, Dale Swetnam, Jasmine Tritten, Jim Tritten, Lawrence Trujillo, Vicki Turpen, KL Wagoner, Regina Washington, Dan Wetmore, Ben White, Josephine White, J. Allen Whitt, Circe Olson Woessner, Norbert Wood, Kay Yoest.

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Anthology: A Diversity of Expression: 2022 Anthology of Winning Prose & Poetry
Publisher: Independently Published (August 28, 2022)

“The Lure of Flying”
♦ 3rd Place: Prose Flying

The SouthWest Writers 2022 Writing Contest motto was A Diversity of Expression. Thirteen categories of prose, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction as well as art and photography grace this delightful anthology of winning entries. The Annual Writing Contest offers an important step in an author’s development. It focuses on short pieces of poetry, non-fiction essays and genre-driven short prose. The contest allows both budding authors and seasoned writers to sharpen their skills. These stories and poems are fun, or sad, or factual, or surprising, many of them are all these things. Pay attention to the names of the authors—you will probably see them again!

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