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Lynn Barker was born in New Mexico, was a college journalism student of famous Navajo mystery writer Tony Hillerman, was an associate producer of KRON t.v. news in San Francisco until moving to L.A. where she was Manager for the CBS Network Story Department before writing scripts for the 1980’s reboot of The Twilight Zone. Other Writers Guild of America credits include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her articles have appeared in American Cinematographer and the WGA magazine Written By: and she has a story in the Chicken Soup for the Soul of America book. Lynn was an MPAA-accredited Hollywood entertainment journalist for several websites. Writing experience also includes show scripts for Disney Imagineering and Universal theme park attractions. She is a script doctor and screenplay consultant. Her latest work is as co-author of Futurus Rex, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy adventure novel written with the late Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana. It is available as an E-book and paperback.


Title: Futurus Rex
Co-Author: Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana
Publisher: Draft2Digital/2022
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Action Adventure

There is a legend that King Arthur did not die but lies asleep in a cave surrounded by his faithful knights and will awaken and come forth to save his kingdom in its hour of greatest need. This is that fast-moving, adventure story set in a far future Britain scarred by a great war and ruled by a Grand Magician and her techno-wizards. The average man lives in Medieval conditions under the boot of a mutant army. A popular young songsayer, Aliena, is encouraged to lead a people’s rebellion but she needs a strong battle commander and Arthur, destined to be that person, awakens from his long sleep in a high-tech sarcophagus in a hidden cave. Sadly, the only one of his beloved knights to survive the long slumber is….the traitorous Modred. Co-written by Lynn Barker and Star Trek icon Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana.

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