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Neal Holtschulte is a computer science instructor and distance runner. His debut novel, Crew of Exiles, is a science fiction adventure. It was published in October 2022. Neal’s short fiction has appeared in Amazing Stories magazine, Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror, and THEMA Literary Journal. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, Marie, and their dog Ashaya.

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Neal is currently working on a novel about family, dreams, and piloting starfighters—a divorced dad and struggling alcoholic flees to the stars to solve his problems, but his troubles are just beginning.


Title: Crew of Exiles
Publisher: Independently Published (2022)
Genre: Science Fiction

The stubborn and misanthropic transcendent being Beryl is blamed for assisting in the suicide of one of his immortal peers. His punishment is a thousand-year exile to Earth in a human body. Beryl is certain the exile will drive him insane if he can’t figure out a cheat. Getting dragged along on an adventure by one of the few remaining earthlings isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

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Short Stories

“Bold New Flock” ♦ Science Fiction ♦ Amazing Stories/76

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