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O’labumi Browne, a long-time resident of Brooklyn, New York, currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ms. Browne has attended the literary workshops of Michel Marriott’s Soul Sojourn Writers Workshop, The International Woman’s Writers Guild, Gotham Writers Workshop, and The Yorkville Library Writing Circle. “Romance on the Ironhorse” (a short story) from her memoir Hairalujah has been published in between the covers anthology and “Dragon Della” (a short story, also from the memoir) was published by ThereAfter Magazine. Looking ahead, she is seeking publication for her upcoming memoir Hairalujah, a tale that portrays one woman’s knock-down, drag-out fight to be herself.

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My writing journey began in 2007. I was in grad school when the Professor gave the class an assignment to write a story using an object to express it. Drumming my fingers on the keyboard and pondering what to write, I spotted my mother’s picture next to the computer monitor. Recalling her tale, I started to giggle. As it goes — Mom was kicking up her heels on a cruise when she stepped out on deck for some air. A stiff wind blew up in the moment and lifted the wig she was wearing off her head. Helplessly, she watched her hair as it sailed across the ocean. I got an “A” for that assignment. But it would never outshine the gratification I felt once the telling was done. Writing? It just fills up the hole in my doughnut!

Work in Progress


Title: Hairalujah
Genre: Memoir

Hairalujah is a memoir that portrays one woman’s knock-down, drag-out fight to be loved and respected. Set in the baby boomer years, O’labumi Brown, an African American woman with Caribbean roots, fisticuffs a life of addiction, abusive lesbian relationships, and battles self-destruction, fueled by the impalpable, and haunted memory of incest. All of which sends her spiraling downward into the rock-bottom, drug infested streets of New York City. Struggling to cope with her distraught life are her loving mother, siblings, friends, and a few good men.

Seeking a Publisher

Published Memoir Short Stories

◆ “Dragon Della”
Publisher: ThereAfter Magazine #1, 2021
Read the story on O’labumi’s website.

◆ “Romance on the Ironhorse”
Anthology: between the covers: An Adult Romance Anthology (The Red Penguin Collection)
Publisher: Red Penguin Books (August 15, 2021)

between the covers – An Adult Romance Anthology is edited by JK Larkin. Are you looking for a collection of provocative, steamy, arousing stories for every reader (eighteen and older!)…. This is not your average romance anthology. And it’s about to get sexy. Are you ready for what’s between these covers? Featuring stories from the following writers: Ash Orlando, Bruce Pratt, Chris Allen, Diane Kane, Jim Tritten, Mahendra Waghela, Martha Patterson, Maureen Cooke, Nichole Blake, O’labumi Browne, Rizwan Asad, Sandi Hoover, Shari Held, and Suzanne Baginskie.

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