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After retiring from a distinguished career as an engineer, Regina is now a coach, author, and speaker. Regina was born and raised in New Mexico, and her Hispanic roots go back four hundred years. She is married with six children in a blended family and has seven grandchildren. Regina has mentored many young people as a professor, senior engineer, and leadership coach. She is an active member of organizations that support gun safety and juvenile justice. Regina is a Georgetown-trained coach and a Fellow of the INCOSE, the largest International Systems Engineering Professional Organization. She holds a PhD, MS, and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MS in Computer Science.

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I’m working on my next memoir related to being a female Hispanic engineer. I plan to write three more memoirs related to my Hispanic roots in New Mexico. There are so few Women Hispanic Engineers with deep roots in New Mexico. I would like to tell my stories about growing up in Barelas, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Albuquerque.

I wrote my memoir Sins of the System: Trauma, Guns, Tragedy, and the Betrayal of our Children first because it was an important story to tell and because I believe legislative changes in New Mexico need to be made. This book elucidates important systemic changes that need to be made. I am donating 80% of royalties from this book to the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth ( and Everytown for Gun Safety (

Title: Sins of the System
Sub-Title: Trauma, Guns, Tragedy, and the Betrayal of Our Children
Published: 2022
Genre: Memoir

In January 2013, Regina’s fifteen-year-old nephew shot and killed his father (her brother), mother and three siblings. She became her nephew’s guardian and stood by him through seven years of legal drama. In this memoir, she recounts her extremely difficult and personal story that affected her large extended family and entire community. It is a tragedy about generational trauma set in the rich cultural background of New Mexico. This is a story of courage and conviction as well as love, compassion, and hope. The book details the failure of not only the Juvenile Justice System, but many other systems that undergird families and society including gun safety. This memoir is both a warning and a call to action for families, communities, and our nation.

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