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RJ Mirabal has lived in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico most of his life. Recognized with awards for teaching, RJ taught high school English, speech, and drama. Now retired, he pursues writing, playing music on his hammered dulcimer, driving his sports car, and volunteering for a motorcycle club and New Mexico Dulcimer Festival.

His first novel is 2012’s The Tower of Il Serrohe, Book I of The Rio Grande Parallax series. In 2015, Extreme Dust Storms May Exist (Book II) followed, and Zero Visibility Possible, Book III, concluded the series in 2016. All were finalists in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. RJ’s more recent books have also earned finalist places for the New Mexico Press Women’s Communications Contest as well as the NM/AZ Awards.

The Rio Grande Parallax Series follows the exploits of a troubled man and his young cousin as they confront a powerful enemy in an alternative New Mexico, an ancient and magical version of the Southwest.

His recent books under the pen name RJ The Story Guy — Trixie Finds Her People and Trixie: Round Brown Ball of Dog — are middle elementary reading level books with built in appeal for all ages, 8 to 108, about his rescue dog and the shared adventures as she and her new people discover and adjust to each other. Included are the occasional fantasy stories based on Trixie’s dreams.

His newest series, also as RJ The Story Guy, is Dragon Train Quest. The stories target teen and young adult readers: Dragon Train (Book 1), Dragon Train Rebellion (Book 2), and 2024’s Dragon Train War (Book 3). The series explores the relationship and adventures of Jaiden, a 15- to 18-year-old young man, and Skye, a giant blue dragon who have developed a very close relationship in their quest to free all enslaved dragons from human domination in an 18th/19th Century-type world in which the stories are placed. Family relationships, friendship, the tragic price of war and the struggle for freedom are the main themes of this unique series.

RJ has occasionally mentored new writers and those seeking self-publication.

All signed books are available directly from RJ at https://rjm-creative-arts.square.site

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2015 (The Tower of Il Serrohe)
2017 (Rio Grande Parallax series)
2020 (Trixie Finds Her People)
2021 (Dragon Train)
2022 (Trixie: Round Brown Ball of Dog)
2023 (Dragon Train Rebellion)


Title: Dragon Train War (Dragon Train Quest, Book3)
Published: May 1, 2024
Genre: Fantasy

Jaiden’s simple act of freeing Skye, the blue dragon, along with her family became a movement to free all dragons. And that escalated to a rebellion. Now, all-out war seems to be the only solution. Jaiden and friends Tristram, Wyetta, Gorn, and Aleena represent the surge of humanity who joined the fight for Dragon Freedom. Skirmishes, ambushes, intense battles and undercover operations transform everyday reality. Uncertainty surrounding the strength and weaponry of the Dear Leader’s human army adds to the tension. Mysteries, surprises, unexpected revelations and shocking outcomes mark the Final Dragon War.

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Title: Dragon Train Rebellion (Dragon Train Quest, Book2)
Publisher: High Desert Libris/2022
Genre: Fantasy

After Jaiden’s dramatic exploits to free Skye, the Blue Dragon, and her family from enslavement, Jaiden returned to his father’s farm. Father and son tried to get along, but after nearly two years, it didn’t work out. Then Skye reappeared and took Jaiden to join the free dragons living in the far northern lands called Septrion where only the warriors from the Old Dragon Wars and new escapees from slavery ruled those desert lands. The Blue, Silver, and Gold Dragons of Septrion hoped to free all dragons and stop the abuse. But when humans abduct Skye and Caerulus’ children, the time comes to stand up for Dragon Freedom!

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: Trixie: Round Brown Ball of Dog
Publisher: High Desert Libris/2021
Genre: Middle Grade

Trixie’s adventures continue as she learns to have more Dog Fun with her people and looks for new things to do. Then everything is put aside when the Brown Dog takes on an unexpected challenge. Sure, Trixie likes fun, sniffing, walking, running, and playing, but those have to take a back seat for a while. Trixie still can’t talk like you, but she can get across what she wants and how she feels when she grunts, whines, whistles, barks, growls, wags her tail and body while singing her Dog Opera. Fortunately, RJ The Story Guy has interpreted all this for your reading enjoyment. Big things to overcome, toys to chew and tug, new people to bring into her life, places to go, lots of exploring, and a new fantasy adventure await inside.

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: Dragon Train (Dragon Train Quest, Book 1)
Publisher: High Desert Libris/2020
Genre: Middle Grade

Jaiden, a 15-year-old farm boy, dreams of a more exciting life in a world where people have enslaved dragons as beasts of burden, guard animals, and soldiers. He has never been more than a few miles beyond his farm and the quiet village of Hilltop. Yet Jaiden desires escape from his grouchy and somewhat abusive father. And then the dragon train makes an unscheduled stop in Hilltop. Skye, the huge Blue Dragon pulling the train, may die of exhaustion unless someone can help. Thus, a boy and dragon embark on an epic adventure in the hopes of fulfilling their longing for freedom, excitement, and happiness.

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: Trixie Finds Her People (Trixie the Brown Dog Book 1)
Publisher: Ralph J. Mirabal/2019
Genre: Children’s

RJ the Story Guy tells the story of Trixie the Brown Dog. This mama dog is rescued from a situation where she and her puppies were part of a hoard of 23 dogs. Soon, her puppies were adopted, and she joins a girl and her grandparents as her new family. At first, everything is new: living indoors in her new home, learning to potty outdoors, getting the occasional bath (not fun!), and being locked in the laundry room at night (really not fun!). Soon Trixie and her people’s lives turn into a series of wonderful, humorous and sometimes scary adventures. In addition to her real life, Trixie embarks on three fantasy adventures while she sleeps. In the end it’s all about the bond of love between a rescue dog and her true forever family.

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: The Tower of Il Serrohe
Publisher: Black Rose Writing/2012
Genre: Fantasy

The Rio Grande Parallax series, set in New Mexico, starts with The Tower of Il Serrohe, Book I. After his wife kicked him out of their house, Don Vargas rents a dilapidated South Valley casita which—unknown to him—is actually a portal to another world. A bat, Nightwing, lures Don through the dusty Portal on a quest into the Valle Abajo—a parallel New Mexico—where local clanspeople urge him to save them from the wily Soreyes and their mysterious Tower. Complications arise, spawning the dramatic conclusion.

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: Extreme Dust Storms May Exist
Publisher: Black Rose Writing/2015
Genre: Fantasy

Five years after the conclusion of Book I, in Extreme Dust Storms May Exist (Book II), the bat persuades Esther, a sixteen-year-old cousin to Don, to help drive the Soreyes from the Valle Abajo. Once there, new dangers threaten Esther and the clans while a mysterious presence lurks in the background. The saga continues, leading to a gut-wrenching cliffhanger…

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RJM Creative Arts

Title: Zero Visibility Possible
Publisher: Black Rose Writing/2016
Genre: Fantasy

In Zero Visibility Possible, Book III, adventure builds at a breakneck pace to the shocking conclusion of the series. Impossible odds face two companies of comrades while new Soreye terrors abound. Riddles—including those surrounding Don—and unforeseen threats add confusion. Can the hapless clanspeople hope for freedom?

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RJM Creative Arts

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