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May 2024


For decades, the SouthWest Sage newsletter has been a wonderful way for the members of SWW to be kept informed of happenings within our writing community. With the retirement of longtime Sage editor Kathy Schuit, the SWW board of directors has decided this is the perfect time for a refresh. We’re committed to continuous improvement and feel a few changes regarding how we communicate with you would be beneficial because:

  • the newsletter’s old-fashioned columnar style doesn’t lend itself to easy reading on a cellphone or tablet,
  • the Sage repeats information readily available on our website, and
  • the SWW office sends an informational email at least once a week which lists the closest upcoming events as well as organizational announcements and member successes.

To improve the style, method, and content of our communications, we will be shifting to a new delivery application (Substack) and realigning the information we distribute to the membership. Many sections of the newsletter will remain in place, including the monthly Sage challenges.

If you’ve already added your name and email address to our list, you don’t need to do anything to receive the new Sage. It will show up in your email once a month. Otherwise, click here to get on the list.

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  • SWW Members have full access to the Newsletter Archives of issues published from 2004 to 2024.

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