SWW Swag Available!

SouthWest Writers has partnered with Redbubble to make our logos and designs available on everyday objects such as t-shirts, notebooks, ball caps, and—wait for it—even shower curtains!

How the partnership works is SouthWest Writers uploads files of our logos, badges, etc. to the Redbubble site. Anyone, a SouthWest Writer member or friend, navigates to the site, picks a design they love on a product they want, Redbubble prints on demand and mails the item directly to the member. SouthWest Writers receives 20% of the sale as a “royalty.” (In the near future, a discount will be available only to SWW members.)

How do you check out what is available?

Simply follow this link: SWWSwag.redbubble.com. If you want to purchase something, you select the item and design/color of your choice, and check out like you would any other online shop.

The Sage asked Kathy Kitts, Fundraising Chair, why SWW decided to work with a fulfillment center. She explained, “We are a small organization and our office simply doesn’t have the space to order t-shirts in several colors and sizes and schlep all of that to meetings. Plus partnering with a print on demand service allows more choice in both products and designs.”

When asked why SWW selected Redbubble and not some other fulfillment service, Kathy said, “We chose Redbubble because they are a responsible, carbon neutral company that prints on demand regionally. This means 95% of what you order is sourced and printed nearby, reducing the energy required to ship it to you. In addition, Redbubble requires all third-party printers and manufacturers ensure safe working conditions and minimize environmental impact. You do not have to worry about child labor, harassment, or discrimination. All values very important to our members.”

Due to the pressures of COVID-19, fundraising is important to help support SWW programs. When asked why the fundraising committee chose swag as a fundraising method Kathy explained, “We wanted a relatively passive revenue stream. We prefer our volunteers spend their time writing and not processing orders. SWW merchandise is not only fun, but it also functions as a way to advertise for the organization. When people see the logo, they ask about it.”

So, to that end, please visit the SWW shop and help us get the word out! SouthWest Writers: Writers Helping Writers.

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