Woven Pathways Anthology


 A Hit!  A Palpable Hit!

SouthWest Writers  has released a new collection of award winning prose and poetry highlighting the talents of both experienced and novice wordsmiths. This delightful anthology weaves together diverse genres and viewpoints to bring you an eclectic mix of humor, pathos, and intrigue.

These pieces were all winners in the 2023 SWW annual writing contest. The contest theme “Woven Pathways” encouraged authors from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate, thereby enhancing the range of viewpoints and experiences portrayed.

Fourteen categories of prose, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction as well as art and photography are featured here. The Annual Writing Contest allows both new and seasoned writers to sharpen their skills by taking them out of their comfort zone. Most of the categories were reviewed by our team of experienced authors, but three categories were adjudicated by the membership at large.  All entries are submitted anonymously to the reviewers in order to retain impartiality during the contest.

How Can You Get a Copy?

Paperback and eBook editions of the anthology are available on Amazon. Revenue from the sale of Woven Pathways will be used to continue the SWW mission of Writers Helping Writers Succeed!

Here is a listing of the winning entries and authors featured in Woven Pathways.

2023 Annual Writing Contest Winners

Short Stories


1st Place                  Joe Cappello   They Only Showed Elvis from the Waist Up
2nd Place                Roger Floyd                                                          Annabel
3rd Place                 Maralie Waterman                            The Man in the Truck
Hon. Mention        Lynne Sebastian                                               Retribution
Hon. Mention        Terence Cady               A Reunion at Hotel Meurice 1974

Science Fiction/Fantasy

1st place                  Kimberly Rose                                        Here Be Dragons
2nd place                Vanessa Foster                                               Secret Beach
3rd place                 Allen Herring 3                                               Wallflowers
Hon. Mention        Kathleen Holmes               The Man from Jalisco, Mexico


1st Place                  Jeff Otis                                                               The Gift
2nd Place                Lisa Haneberg                  Welcome to the Neighborhood
3rd Place                 Judy Castleberry                                The Announcement
Hon. Mention        Carla Petree                         The Morality of Nuts is Nuts

Flash Fiction

1st Place                  Amy Purcell                  Arrivals & Departures
2nd Place                Lyn Gullette                           Anonymous Gifts
3rd Place                 Jennifer Trotter              A Bicycle Conversation
Hon. Mention        Kathleen Holmes                             Kim’s Luck
Hon. Mention        Charlene Dietz                        The Dinner Hour


Free Verse — Nature

1st Place                  Kathleen Holmes                                  The Dream
2nd Place                Kathleen Holmes                                     The Icicle
3rd Place                 Lawrence Kilham          Always the Cactus Blooms

Free Verse — Relationships

1st Place                  Betty McCreary                                   In Gratitude to Poetry
2nd Place                Melanie Peak                         Halloween Babies are Special!
3rd Place                 Carla Petree                                                        X Memories
Hon. Mention        Jennifer Trotter                            Train Wrecks and Boxcars


1st Place                  Rose Marie Kern                                        Just Plain Selfish
2nd Place                Rose Marie Kern                                            Garden Gripes
3rd Place                 Carol Rawie                                                  Economics 101

Non-Fiction Memoir


1st Place                  Patricia Walkow                          The Contemporary Car
2nd Place                Carolyn Kilgus                                                  Heirloom
3rd Place                 Robin Cutler                          The Musty Smell of Books
Hon. Mention        Elaine Montague                                     Onslaught 2020
Hon. Mention        Kathleen Hessler                                      Precious Penny


1st Place                  Kathy Louise Schuit                                      Weightless
2nd Place                Sally Rodgers                                                Special Cat
3rd Place                 Ruth Heidi Marshall               Requiem for Another Soul


1st Place                  Christopher Frechette                  Moroccan Epilogue
2nd Place                Jennifer Trotter                             A Castle to Ourselves
3rd Place                 Charmayne Samuelson  6am Christmas Morning at the Grand Canyon

Opening Pages of a Novel

Published — General Fiction

1st Place                  Maralie Waterman           Inspiration from the Ashes:A Christmas Tale
2nd Place                Lynne Sebastian                                 One Last Cowboy Song
3rd Place                 Carol Potenza                                     Unmasked
Hon. Mention        Jonathan Miller                                 Rattlesnake Funeral

Unpublished — General Fiction

1st Place                  Robert Sheppe                                   Gyre
2nd Place                Louise Bergen                                   Her Rogue’s Reform
3rd Place                 Lyn Gullette                                      Grizzly Streets
Hon. Mention        Amy Purcell                                       The Great Dying

Unpublished — Mystery/Crime/Thriller

1st Place                  T.K. Sheffield                                 Vintage Model
2nd Place                Rose Marie Kern                           The Art of Vengeance
3rd Place                 George McFall                               Bosque Moon
Hon. Mention        Jonathan Miller                            Hotel Carrizozo

Unpublished — Science Fiction/Fantasy

1st Place                  John Crain                                                 Infinity Times Four
2nd Place                Kathryn (K.L.) Wagoner                                Wayward Trail
3rd Place                 Carol Rawie                                                       Finding Earth
Hon. Mention        Joyce Hertzoff                                             Ride Into the Night


Artwork and photos submitted were not awarded placement. The only requirement for submission was relevance to the contest categories. Items submitted were voted upon by the SWW membership.

Cover Art – Color

Woven Pathways              Kathy Louise Schuit

Interior Art – Black and White

Princess                                        Jasmine Tritten
Birch in Fall                                 Brenda Cole
Victorian Romance                     Rose Marie Kern



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