Writing Professionals for Hire

This section includes writers with varied backgrounds, specialties, and areas of expertise. The listings describe the types of projects and assistance they offer.


David J. Corwell


David J. Corwell’s award-winning fiction has appeared in small press anthologies and magazines. He has an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction and worked as a contributing editor/proofreader for several publications, as well as a contest critiquer for SWW. He was SWW’s 2001 Storyteller Award winner and received a Parris Award in 2005.




Nancy McGuire

Word Chemist


I am a freelance writer and editor for science and engineering publications. I have a PhD in chemistry, laboratory research experience, and expertise in tailoring scientific and technical information to the needs, interests, and vocabularies of specific audiences. I edit practitioner-written articles to make them come alive for general audiences, and I explain complex concepts in a relevant, engaging, and original way through my own writing. See my work at www.wordchemist.com

Current projects: Senior Feature Writer for TLT Magazine (stle.org), contract editor for Eos geophysics webzine (eos.org), JACS Spotlights writer (pubs.acs.org/journal/jacsat), white paper and e-book writer for C&EN BrandLab (cenbrandlab.org), and in-house projects for several companies and organizations.

Specialties: Science writing, verbal and visual communications, substantive and development editing, basic media training. Print and web content management, project management, desktop publishing, social media. Materials science, chemistry, physics, geosciences, nanosciences, engineering, and computational science.




Jacqueline Murray Loring

Enchanted Adventures in Writing


Jacqueline Murray Loring is the author of nine feature length screenplays and has written or co-written a dozen short scripts that have been filmed. She crews for local production companies as continuity and script supervisor including the 2023 film “Symphony for a C-Note”, directed by Antonio Weiss. She is available to speak/teach film script formatting, story and character arcs, the Hero’s Journey, and to brainstorm on script or playwriting project. She is available to edit or critique short and feature scripts.




Rob Spiegel


Rob Spiegel is a career journalist who has also been widely published in fiction, poetry, and blogging. He is a senior editor at Design News,
an international trade magazine, and he is the former owner a book and magazine publisher, which he ran for 10 years. He has provided critique services on scores of manuscripts.




Lisa C. Taylor, MFA

Whitewater Writing
(860) 377-1008

Lisa C. Taylor is an award-winning author of four poetry collections, and two collections of short fiction. Another poetry collection is forthcoming. A former professor of creative writing, Lisa offers workshops and retreats in poetry, fiction, creative thinking, and hybrid writing. She also enjoys collaborating with other writers and artists.


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