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Rose Marie has worked as an Air Traffic Controller in the Center, Tower and Flight Service Specialties. When flight service was privatized in 2005, she continued working under the management of Lockheed Martin. “I enjoy the pilots I work with, and will spend extra time with students so that they can start out their relationship with the Air Traffic System in a positive manner.” Though she had been writing articles related to solar energy, sustainable living, solar cooking, and organic gardening for various magazines, she did not begin writing in her primary field of aviation until January of 2006.

At this time she has monthly columns in 9 publications, and 2 online websites and has been a featured author for others. She has been a member of the Southwest Writer’s Association since January of 2006, and became a board member in 2008. Additionally she has won several awards for photography and short stories. In 2022, Rose Marie was given SouthWest Writers highest honor, The Parris Award.


Title: Woven Pathways: The 2023 SouthWest Writers Winners Anthology
Publisher: Independently published (September 6, 2023)

“Just Plain Selfish” ♦ 1st Place: Limericks
“Garden Gripes” ♦ 2nd Place: Limericks
“The Art of Vengeance” ♦ 2nd Place: Opening Pages of a Novel, Unpublished, Mystery/Crime/Thrillers
“Victorian Romance” ♦ Interior Art – Black and White

SouthWest Writers has released a new collection of award winning prose and poetry highlighting the talents of both experienced and novice wordsmiths. This delightful anthology weaves together diverse genres and viewpoints to bring you an eclectic mix of humor, pathos, and intrigue. These pieces were all winners in the 2023 SWW annual writing contest. This year’s contest includes writing categories in both prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction, spanning the gamut from opening pages of novels to flash fiction to memoirs. The Annual Writing Contest allows both new and seasoned writers to sharpen their skills by taking them out of their comfort zone. We the members of SouthWest Writers hope you enjoy this year’s anthology of contest finalists — after all, you the reader are the reason we write!

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Creating Microclimates for High Desert Gardening

Gardening in the High Desert presents challenges not faced by those who live in moister climates that are closer to sea level. These areas combine a dry climate with the effects of high altitude on plants and animals. In any given high desert area you can have wildly varying climates within a 30 mile radius. Mountains deflect winds and affect weather systems. Solar radiation scalds leaves in higher terrain. A microclimate is an area of weather conditions differing from the prevailing conditions due to terrain, water features, plant life, or man-made structures.

Once you realize how these things can modify weather in your yard you can use them to your best advantage. This book goes into detail on global climatic norms and how a high desert environment differs from standard. It discusses how to observe the climates and microclimates of your living environment and offers advice on creating conditions more beneficial to whatever kind of plant life you would like to foster in your vegetable or flower gardens.

Rose Kern is a New Mexico Master Gardener, beekeeper and a Solar Chef. She currently lives in a passive solar adobe home in the Rio Grande Valley south of Albuquerque. Her 34-year career in aviation focused on weather system interpretation for pilot briefings. By applying the basics of meteorology to surface environments, she has been able to help suburban homesteaders create beautiful and bountiful garden spaces. Rose lectures on Microclimatology for gardening groups across the southwest. She also gives demonstrations of solar cooking, canning, and solar food dehydration.

For more information go to her sustainable living website:

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Title: STRESS is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller

Ever since Rose became an air traffic controller in 1983 people meeting her immediately comment about how stressful her job is. But is it the job? Is it being a woman in a mostly male profession?

Rose’s memoir STRESS is Relative follows her career in ATC from the time she first heard about this challenging and lucrative job to the day she retired. Along the way readers get insights into the mysterious world of Air Traffic Control, and how attitudes towards women evolved over time.

Rose Marie Kern has worked in all three divisions of Air Traffic Control. She has won three national awards for her work with pilots and aviation computer engineers. She writes monthly columns for seven aviation publications. A member of the FAA Safety team, Rose Marie is a popular speaker for aviation groups nationwide.


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Title:        Air to Ground, A Guide to the World of Air Traffic Control

The relationship between pilots and air traffic control personnel has never been cavalier. There is an invisible wall that exists – the disembodied voice that carries instructions phrased in officially sanctioned terminology is both reassuringly familiar and yet remote and impersonal. Air Traffic Controllers are distant authoritative voices who must be obeyed, heard but never seen, whose main purpose in life is to keep pilots from killing themselves and others by telling them where to go. Behind that confident decisive voice we hear on the radios are men and women who come through some intense training in order to get a job that pays well and commands respect.

At this time the only real information the pilot has about air traffic comes in the form of government directives and orders, written in stilted language that tells the pilot what he has to do, but not why. They do not tell the pilot how their actions are welded into a pattern that affects all the other pilots.

An Air Traffic Control specialist for over 33 years, first with the Federal Government and later with Lockheed Martin/Leidos, Rose Marie Kern has written articles for 12 different aviation magazines and newsletters and is a popular speaker for pilot associations in the southwest. Her book, Air to Ground, gives pilots a glimpse into the cold corridors of Air Traffic, and allows them insights into the people who work in an environment so critical to their own.

Air to Ground contains current and historical data on the National Airspace System, the Air Traffic Control System, and aviation weather in a way that is friendly, easily readable and understandable to even the most novice pilot. It is not meant to replace the government’s directives, but to supplement them.  Although there are a few books that talk about Air Traffic on the market, no other book approaches the pilot from this perspective, it fills a vacancy long overlooked. Intermingled with the technical information are stories and snippets of humor collected over the last 33 years. These little bits exemplify what happens in the Air Traffic workplace when the microphone is not keyed.

The book, Air to Ground, is an excellent resource for student and instructor pilots.  It greatly enhances understanding of the National Airspace System, its procedures, and the people whose job it is to provide for the safe and efficient flow of Air Traffic. It has been endorsed by Fly Low Magazine and Plane and Pilot News.

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Title: The Solar Chef—A Southwestern Recipe Book for Solar Cooking
Publisher: Solar Ranch-seventh edition 2020 
Genre: Nonfiction

There are hundreds of cookbooks in the world, which require grills, stoves, microwaves, or campfires. The Solar Ranch out of Arabela, New Mexico presents a cookbook full of recipes that use a different source of heat—the sun. The Solar Chef is a southwestern recipe book full of recipes and instructions for cooking delicious meals using only sunlight and a solar box cooker. The author, Rose Marie Kern, a longtime member of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association, has collected recipes from Texas to Arizona.

“Using a solar cooker brings a bright new element to food preparation—sunlight!,” says Ms. Kern. “Unlike conventional ovens, the cookers retain moisture so roasts and casseroles do not dry out. They can be used to bake, roast, or slow-cook.” Rose’s book is recommended and sold by the International Sun Oven corporation. It is in its 8th edition and has been read around the world.

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Title: FUNdraising Events!: A Step by Step Guide for Small to Medium Non-Profit Organizations
Publisher: Outskirts Press (2009)
Genre: Nonfiction

One of the basic conditions of being human is the desire to make our world a better place. When we join other like-minded individuals and search for ways to change the current situation a non-profit organization is born. But there are costs for everything we do—so what kind of fundraising would be appropriate for your organization?

There are myriads of possibilities. Some, like New Mexico Solar Energy Association, are natural outshoots of what and who they are. Some fundraisers demand a quiet, elegant approach, where others are very down to earth. The best fund raising is also FUN-Raising. We are all volunteers, and we have something to give the world. Why not enjoy ourselves in the process? In my book FUNdraising Events! we discuss many types of fundraising events focusing on the needs of small to medium size groups. Let’s turn ideas into reality!

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Magazine Articles and Online Publications

Title Publication/Issue URL
Air to Ground Column Fly Low Magazine
Air to Ground Column Plane and Pilot News
Microclimatology for Gardeners The ABQ Master Gardener Newsletter
The History of Aviation Embry Riddle University

Award winning short stories are published in the following publications. 

Click on the story to read it on her website.

  • The Milkbone Dance    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lesson’s Learned from my Dog  (2023)
  • Jeremy’s Journey          2020 SouthWest Writers Winners Anthology
  • Crik Walkin’                  El Paso Author’s League Writing Contest Anthology 2022
  • Fabulous Flavor of Sunlight     “Unplugged Voices” Anthology /Millicent Rogers Museum
  • Jet Lag                           SWW Storytellers Anthology
  • The Oldest Daughter     Professional Writers of Prescott Writing contest 2012
  • The Lamb Cake             Seeing the World in 20/20 – /2020 SWW Contest winners anthology
  • Until Next Time             NM Humanities Council Before I Die Festival winner
  • Working in ATC             Women in Aviation Magazine
  • Pageant in the Air         Published in Border Tapestry Anthology 2022
  • Flying with Friends        Published in Fly-Low magazine 2015


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