2004 Winners

Storyteller Award Winner

David H. Rogers
Short Story (All Genres): “The Devil’s Smokes”


Mainstream Novel

1st Place: Diane Owens, Three Times Twenty
2nd Place: Deborah Rice, Spinning Wool in the Mouth of the Monster
3rd Place: Lila L. Anastas, Ileana’s Odyssey
Judge: Tom Colgan, Penguin/Putnam

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Novel

1st Place: Judy Castleberry, Pools of Purple
2nd Place: Rebecca L. Williams, Wolves
3rd Place: Bruce & Pamela Nyman, Desert Winds
Judge: John Scognamiglio, Kensington Publishing Company

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Novel

1st Place: Keith Pyeatt, Above Haldis Notch
2nd Place: David J. Corwell, Island of the Setting Sun
3rd Place: Charity Tahmaseb, Cold Comfort
Judge: Steve Saffel, Del Rey/Ballantine Publishing Group, Random House, Inc.

Romance/Historical/Western Novel

1st Place: Beth Soloway, The Great Deception
2nd Place: Linda Carroll-Bradd, Hanna’s Promise
3rd Place: S.M. Patino, I Am Machiavelli
Judge: Hazel Rumney, Thorndike Press

Middle Grade/Young Adult Novel

1st Place: Lynn Murray, Cascabel
2nd Place: Jennifer Bohnhoff, Jingle Night, Silent Bells
3rd Place: Michele Veillon, Shelby and the Shifting Rings
Judge: Ellen Krieger, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Short Story–Mainstream and Literary

1st Place: Mike Tuohy, “Color Me Stupid”
2nd Place: Frank Carden, “Quarter Moon”
3rd Place: Mike Tuohy, “Loaves and Fishes Combo”
Judge: Sally (Sarah) Spence, Literary Imagination, Department of Classics, University of Georgia

Short Story–All Genres

1st Place: David H. Rogers, “The Devil’s Smokes”
2nd Place: Randy Styner, “Angus”
3rd Place: Darren Moore, “The Freeman’s Toll”
Judge: Steve Saffel, Del Rey/Ballantine Publishing Group, Random House, Inc.

Short Story–Middle Grade and Young Adult

1st Place: Julie K. Casper, “In the Face of Fear”
2nd Place: Julie K. Casper, “The Porcelain Eagle”
3rd Place: Julie K. Casper, “Dog Pound Dog”
Judge: Jen Weiss, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Short Nonfiction–Articles and Essays

1st Place: Kristin E. Litchman, “Change and Connection”
2nd Place: Lela Belle Wolfert, “Bends in the Road”
3rd Place: Lyn Kidder, “Pardon Me, My French is Showing”
Judge: Elfrieda Abbe, The Writer, Morris Publishing

Book Length Nonfiction

1st Place: Timothy F. Glass, Until the End of Time
2nd Place: Gregory McElwain, In Laos With Blue-Eyed Swede
3rd Place: Sheila Key, 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s
Judge: Anne Hawkins, John Hawkins & Associates

Children’s Book–4 to 7 Years–Fiction/Nonfiction/Picture Book

1st Place: Deborah W. Trotter, Trading Post
2nd Place: Diana McKinney, Harry the Gosling
3rd Place: Joanne Lokens, A Different Talent
Judge: Rich Wallace, Highlights Magazine for Children


1st Place: Kim Campbell, Carlota
2nd Place: Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Diplomatic Channels
3rd Place: Marc Calderwood, The Clone Chronicles
Judge: Cliff Gravel, Story Analyst


1st Place: Dorothy Piper, “The Rolling Stone”
2nd Place: John Orman, “Small Print”
3rd Place: Janet S. Harris, “Genesis of a Poem”
Judge: Matthew Thorburn, Good Foot Magazine

2 comments on “2004 Winners
  1. Mike Tuohy says:

    I took 1st and 3rd place in the 2004 Short Story–Mainstream and Literary category. It was the first time I won in any literary competition so it made me feel like a big shot. I flew from Georgia to Albuquerque for the awards presentation. It was great meeting the people and seeing such a supportive organization. It really encouraged me to keep writing and I have since had 25 short stories published. My first place winner at SWW was published in 2017 in the Winston-Salem Writers anthology “Flying South #4” under the title “Vestiges”. You can read it at my website bunker93a.com on the Chronicles page. It is great to see that SWW is still going strong and it was a real treat to find that my earliest success is still listed. One correction: the title of the 3rd place story is “Loaves and Fishes Combo”. Still haven’t found a taker for that one but it probably needs a little more work. Writing evidently takes some patience and perseverence.

    • KL Wagoner says:

      So great to hear that our contest was such an encouragement in your writing journey. Congratulations on getting over two dozen stories published since your two wins — good luck on your continued success! (I’ve corrected the title.)

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