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Rob is a journalist of 40 years. He also writes poetry, fiction, and drama. He works as a senior editor for the trade magazine Design News. He has a number of books published, on the subjects of home business and internet business. He owned a successful magazine (Chile Pepper) and book publishing company for 10 years.


Home-businessTitle: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Home Business
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press/1999
Genre: Business

Spiegel lists here 200 “hot” work ideas, which he divides into four categories: professional, nonprofessional, opportunities (defined as a business start-up package to buy), and franchises. Each “launch it yourself” entry features a description, start-up needs, customers, typical charges, earnings potential, and tips for getting started; other category entries simply list the vitals and fees needed–though the author claims these have the best track records. To be used in tandem with more detailed home-business information. Barbara Jacobs, Booklist.

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Complete-guideTitle: Complete Guide to Home Business
Publisher: 1999/AMACOM
Genre: Business

Spiegel does a thorough job of walking one through the steps required to run a business from home. He suggests what to consider when choosing a business and discusses business plans, licensing, permits, zoning, taxes and insurance. He recommends various marketing media and strategies, evaluates outsourcing as a staffing option, and stresses financial management.

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Net-StrategyTitle: Net Strategy
Publisher: Dearborn/2000
Genre: Business

Net Strategy shows the direction of the online economy as it moves from one stage to the next, revealing who will profit, who will lose and why, all from the perspectives of investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate managers.

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