2009 Winners

Storyteller Award Winner

Kathleen Cherry: To Love a Viscount (Romance Category)


1. Mainstream or Literary Novel (47 Entries)

Judge: Diana Finch, The Diana Finch Literary Agency, New York, NY

1st Place: Peggi Randolph, Josephine’s Incredible Shoe & Black Pearls, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: David Gelsanliter, Second Rain, Corrales, NM

3rd Place: Daniel A. Smith, Storykeeper, Little Rock, AR

2. Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Adventure Novel(36 Entries)

Judge: Mr. Robert Brown, Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency, Kokomo, IN

1st Place: Gary Ponzo, A Touch of Deceit, Chandler, AZ

2nd Place: David DeLee, Fatal Destiny, Amherst, NH

3rd Place: Brinn Colenda, The Cochabamba Conspiracy, Angel Fire, NM

3. Romance Novel (9 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Sharene Martin-Brown, Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency, Kokomo, IN

1st Place: Kathleen Cherry, To Love A Viscount, Kitimat, BC, Canada

2nd Place: Leon Linfield, Escape From Empire, Redlands, CA

3rd Place: Lois Cutts Sullivan, Catch a Falling Star, Los Lunas, NM

4. Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Novel (19 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Brandi Bowles, Agent, Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc

1st Place: Laurie Green, P2PC, Edgewood, NM

2nd Place: Kari Haworth, The Lesser Species, Atascadero, CA

3rd Place: Kevin Wolf, Broke Heart, Littleton, CO

5. Historical/American Frontier/Western Novel (19 Entries)

Judge: Mike Harris, La Frontera Publishing, Cheyenne, WY

1st Place: J.H. Mader, A River’s Tales, Noblesville, IN

2nd Place: Marriah K. Nissen, The Journey of Hope, Albuquerque, NM

3rd Place: Ethel Forman, A Coin Has Two Faces, Lubbock, TX

6. Middle Grade/Young Adult Novel(45 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Rachel Abrams, HarperCollins Publishers

1st Place: Lisa Y. Potocar, Sweet Glory, Ballston Lake, NY

2nd Place: Jacquelyn Bickel, Tracking Ghosts, Albuquerque, NM

3rd Place: Jim Van Waggoner, Veils, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

7. Memoir Book (21 Entries)

Judge: Patricia Moosbrugger, Patricia Moosbrugger Agency

1st Place: Sandra K. Toro, The Guilded Cage, A Memoir, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: Stacy S. Jensen, In a Blink, Del Rio, Texas

3rd Place: Phyllis Gillis, Stray Bullets, Napa, CA

8. Memoir Article (37 Entries)

Judge: Tim McKee, Managing Editor, The Sun Magazine, Chapel Hill, NC

1st Place: Shanti Elke Bannwart, The Stillness At the End of Wanting, Santa Fe, NM

2nd Place: Renee G. Rivers, Falling Through the Crumbling Sky, Phoenix, Arizona

3rd Place: Renee G. Rivers, The Other Side of Courage, Phoenix, Arizona

9. Mainstream or Literary Short Story (54 Entries)

Judge: Mr. Phong Nguyen, Editor, Pleaides, Warrensburg, MO

1st Place: Robert Schladale, Turtles in Paradise, Sacramento, CA

2nd Place: Jessica Larsen, Fly Tying for Beginners, Los Lunas, NM

3rd Place: Julie L. Moran, Lunch with Debbie, Encinitas, CA

10. Middle Grade or Young Adult Short Story (5 Entries)

Judge: Jodi Keller, Senior Editor, Random House, New York, New York

1st Place: Holly Deuel Gilster, Lost, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: Rose Kern, Angel Hawk and the Ancient Anasazi, Ashburn, VA

3rd Place: Judith C. Ducharme, Candles for Ellie, Albuquerque, NM

11. Nonfiction Article or Essay (17 Entries)

Judge: Ashley Biggars, Associate Editor, New Mexico Magazine, Santa Fe NM

1st Place: Susan J. Alexis, Confessions of a Transplant, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: Shanti Elke Bannwart, Reflecting on Dragons and Angels, Santa Fe, NM

3rd Place: Nancy LaTurner, Consorting with Mortality, Albuquerque, NM

12. Nonfiction Book (5 Entries)

Judge: Deborah Herman, The Jeff Herman Literary Agency

1st Place: Sherri Burr, Suspiciously Frugal: Minding Finances During The Great Recession, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: Martha Franks, A History of New Mexico Water Law, Santa Fe, NM

3rd Place: Lucy Moore, Stories of a Divided West: A Mediator’s View, Santa Fe, NM

13. Children’s Picture Book (Fiction or Nonfiction)(26 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Emily Lawrence, Associate Editor, Aladdin Books, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

1st Place: Rebecca Colby, Trog and Ogel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

2nd Place: Kate Palaces Narita, It’s Turkey Time, Princeton, MA

3rd Place:Wendy Bickel, Zipper the Cat, Albuquerque, NM

14. Screenplay (15 Entries)

Judge: Christina Hamlett, Script Consultant, Pasadena, CA

1st Place: Abel Horowitz and Michael Schwaum, Pirates and Dinosaurs, Santa Fe, NM

2nd Place: Yarrow Vincent-Wayman, Shift Tab Kill, Fort Collins, CO

3rd Place: Dilek Mir, Sir Frederick of Gildenstein, Albuquerque, NM

15. Poetry (50 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Ruth Moose, Poetry Editor, The Rambler Magazine, Chapel Hill, NC

1st Place: Donald DeNoon, Midnight on the Rio Grande—Sestina, Albuquerque, NM

2nd Place: Catherine Ferguson, Making the Bed, Galisteo, NM

3rd Place: Christine Baines, The Game, Oracle, AZ

16. Christian Novel (3 Entries)

Judge: Ms. Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency, Canton, NY

1st Place: Sonja Anderson, Sophie’s Quest, Burien, WA

2nd Place: Jill Domschot, Franklin’s Ladder, Socorro, NM

3rd Place: Norma J. Alvarez, Ester Bunny and Her Story of Jesus, Oro Valley, AZ

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